Thursday , May 19 2022

Malaysia Launches Authentication and Authentication Platform Built on NEM


The Ministry of Education of Malaysia has announced the launch of a blockchain e-scroll system that will be used to validate the legitimacy of the degree.
The blockchain system of the subject and certificate verification degrees was developed by a team of the International Muslim University of Malaysia (IIUM). The system will store certification data in the NEM block and perform online verification in seconds by scanning the QR code printed on the certificate.
It is expected that this system will ensure the authenticity of certificates.
The reason for the development of the block verification system is the increase in the number of false certificates and the ease with which they can be purchased via the Internet. In addition, the ministry reported that the universities received a huge number of requests for verification. This process is done mainly through telephone calls and e-mail, which is quite abundant and inefficient.
Recall, at the end of September, it became known that the Malaysian government intends to stimulate the income of blockchain technology in three sectors of the country's economy: renewable electricity production, palm oil production and Islamic financing.

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