Monday , October 25 2021

Sarawak vaccinations 110,000 dogs against rabies


Sarabak has distributed 110,000 dogs in the country after the Sryan Brigade was confirmed as the first rabid zone last year, said Deputy Prime Minister Detok Ammar Douglas Ogga Ambas.

Ogga, chairman of the State Disaster Management Committee, said that the state government has implemented the rabies vaccination order, which requires all dogs in the country to be vaccinated against rabies.

"Our goal is to immunize at least 70 percent of the 220,000 dogs evaluated in Sarawak to provide good herd immunity and effectively stop the spread of rabies in the dog population, thereby preventing an enzyme transfer to humans," he said. The debate in the legislative assembly of the country sitting yesterday.

Uga said that $ 20 million was spent on various programs and activities to control and eliminate rabies.

An additional 22.8 million RM has been approved to continue with rabies programs and activities to 2019, he added.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Oghah Ambas. – Bernma
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