Monday , May 16 2022

The High Court of Justice will decide on Musa today, in contrast to Shafi, as prime minister of Sabah


Kota Kinabalu: The Supreme Court will decide today who is the real prime minister of Sabah, Shafi Efdal or Musa Aman.

A Supreme Court justice, Kyocheng, is expected to make the decision at 3 pm, in an original invitation filed by Musa, to challenge Shafi's appointment as the new prime minister.

On October 24, Yu kept her decision after hearing the comments of Advocate Tangko Fuad Tangguo Ahmed and S Vanugopal, both representing Musa; Douglas Lind, a game for Shafi; and Attoney-General Zaleha Rose Pandin, a game for Young Dee -Pretua Negeri Ghar Mahiruddin.

Musa first filed a subpoena against Shafi on May 17, but then took it out.

In June, he filed a summons, requesting, among other things, to declare that he was the minister of defense of Sabah, who was appointed on May 10 by Ghali.

Summoning a source does not require a trial, with lawyers from both sides submitting submissions and affidavits arguing their case. A summons order requires a trial with witnesses to testify.

In the original summons, Musa called Guth as the first defendant and Shafi as the second defendant. He asked for a statement that Shafi's appointment as prime minister on May 12 was illegal.

He also asked for a statement that he remained the Minister of Justice of Sabah, and a statement that he should not cancel or cancel his appointment.

Moussa also sought a statement that the first defendant had acted in contravention of the constitution to appoint Shafi as a member of the government and a statement that all Shafi's actions and / or his cabinet after his alleged appointment to office were null and void. Without impact, as well as damage.

Musa was appointed prime minister on May 10 after promising a simple majority in the 14th general elections. However, he lost the majority when several MKs from his party Omno and Barisan experimental component Upko jumped the ship to support Warisan, which led by Shafie.

On November 5, Musa admitted not to be guilty in Kuala Lumpur Court of Convictions 35 corruption charges for state wood concession contracts totaling $ 63,293,924 (RM263,460,962,313).

In all 35 charges, Moussa, 67, was charged with robbing eight business owners who had the franchise in his time as Sabah, deputy chairman of the board of directors of Sabah. The offenses were committed in eight financial institutions in Hong Kong and Singapore between December 2004 and November 2008.

Judge Rosina Ayub granted Musa, who is a member of the Council of Sungai Siboga, on bail of 2 million rm. With two promises, and ordered him to hand over his diplomatic and international passports to the court pending the removal of the case, which was set for December 13.

She let Musa pay the bail in installments, but he completed the full amount on Monday.

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