Friday , June 18 2021

The Honda N7X Concept presents a preview of the 2022 BR-V SUV with 7 seats

After teasing a mysterious new vehicle a few days ago, Honda Indonesia has finally revealed it all through an online event held just moments ago. This is the concept of N7X, which is an abbreviation of “NIt 7– colonyXQuote “, and designed by Honda R&D Asia Pacific.

As the name clearly implies, the show car serves as a preview of the upcoming seven-seater model that dresses in the shape of an SUV. If this sounds like a familiar niche, it’s because it’s actually the successor to the BR-V that first arrived more than five years ago.

At first glance, it’s clear that the N7X is drastically different from the current BR-V, with a face that looks inspired by Odyssey’s latest facelift. Here, a large chrome rod placed above the horizontal thins forms the front grille, surrounded by polished headlamps that display an L-shaped daylight signature.

Meanwhile, the bottom apron features LED position bulbs near the fog lamp parts, while a U-shaped angle piece helps with the bottom entry frame. To give a greater sense of presence, there is also a sturdy-looking hood compared to what you will find in the BR-V.

Along the sides, the N7X has a cleaner profile that reduces the crazy lines seen in the BR-V. This design simplification sees only one character line running over the door handles, linking the front and rear lighting units. The curved window line of the BR-V (near pillars B) was also smoothed, while the black body covered on the wheels no longer penetrates the body at the top.

Other notable details include more stylish swing panels and transferring side mirrors to doors, presumably those that will promote more visibility. At the back you can see more clues to the cleaner look, where the back door looks mostly lacking in features, except for a rectangular area for the number plate, where the reflectors are much lower than on the BR-V.

Wrapped taillights continue to appear here, though they are narrower and positioned away from the rear door window. Plus, they’re narrower, feature lighting graphics similar to what you’ll find in the current city, and no longer come with a piece of finish that will visually connect them.

For now, the company has not provided interior photos of the N7X, but based on the introductory video released, the concept dashboard is completely different from the BR-V as well. While the central vents continue to be located above the head unit, they now carry a uniform shape.

The dashboard design, like the exterior, also carries a cleaner design with no angular shapes and a head unit with a touch screen that looks better integrated in the dash. A video featured in the video also features rectangular vents that occupy the corners of the car, along with a new steering wheel, HVAC controls and an elevated center console that fits into the gear lever.

Also seen in the video is the availability of the Honda LaneWatch, but moving trains and when we might see a production version remains unknown for now. In terms of initial impression, what do you think of the N7X? Is this an improvement over the BR-V? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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