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Weekend weekend: Ascendio! "Grindelwald Crime" reveals the first place


(Lr) William Kama, Claudia Kim as Nagini, Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski, Eddie Rydmaeen as Newt Skander, Katherine Waterston as Tina Goldstein and CALLUM TURNER as these Scamander scene from the Warner Bros. Fantasy Fantasy "Fantasy" , A photograph of Warner Bros. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Weekend Box Box: November 16-18, 2018

Salt Lake City (Qutb) – "Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald's Crimes /, "The last value in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, opened at the low end of expectations with $ 62 million.The previous value"Fantastic animals and where to find them"It opened internally at $ 74 million before it ended with a total of $ 814 million, of which $ 580 million, just over 70 percent of that amount, came from foreign markets, which continues as the" Grindelwald Crimes "brought in another $ 191 million Her international release – $ 253 million at the end of the week – I think the Warner Brothers would be happy to take it.

It's hard to look beyond the weekend and see what awaits the film. Reviews on the review were not good, CinemaScore has audiences to give the film in, and it's not particularly good for a movie with an established fan. The biggest challenge, however, stems from the fact that next week sees the release of "Ralph breaks the InternetAnd "Creed II. "I know, however, know many people who rejected the" crime of Grindelwald "this weekend in favor of watching it with the family on Thanksgiving Day.

Second place is "Dr. Suss & Grinz;, "Extending the length of the feature on the original book of Seuss, with $ 38 million, a decrease of 43 percent, and the world's total is $ 151 million."Nutcracker and Four Worlds"Proved to be a bad competition, its total is only $ 119 million after three weekends.In the middle of the week things will become more crowded for" Grinch "as" Ralph breaks the Internet, "the sequel to"The Devil Who Hates, "signs.

"Bohemian rhapsody"Fell 50 percent to end its third weekend with another $ 15.7 million, and now comfortably rests on $ 127 million.

Step back to look at the big picture,A Star Is Born"Has earned $ 185 million from home since it opened six weeks ago Freddy Mercury biopic not catch the Lady Gaga Starring a drama in America, but its international numbers have already leapt beyond $ 200 million. I still do not see international numbers, but even the most modest guesses will be the "Bohemian Rhapsody" leading the world with more than $ 340 million "A Star is Born" made so far.

New immigrants "Immediate family"And" Widows "opened at the low end of ratings with $ 14.7 million and $ 12.30 million, both of which earned high marks from critics and audiences alike. During the holidays as families gathering together. "Widows" feels primed about a long run at the box office as we head to season with director director Steve McQueen, author Jillian Flynn and stars Viola Davis and Michel Rodriguez are already gaining attention.

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