Saturday , October 23 2021

A bad picture for Mexico; Experts agree


After a petition to cancel the party NFL B Azteca Stadium, Various analysts of American Football They agreed that the situation leaves a terrible picture of the country abroad.

"It is very sad and painful that they had months to get everything ready.It seemed to me irresponsible capital, with all the ancients of what it cost to make the average Hybrid grass, After all the events, there is another concert, which left the field completely deteriorated, 10 days before the game, "he said. Siro Procone, M ESPN


The bad conditions of Stadium Stadium and Field Game has been canceled and canceled Monday night in Mexico City

Mexico ran out of the NFL game in Azteca Mexico ran out of the NFL game in Azteca

"This is a negative, shameful and bad image, because it does not match what was planned, it's not an event that took place two weeks ago, it's a three-year contract … For months he knew the date, the equipment and the operation, Pablo Viraga.

The organizers of the event remain responsible Azteca Stadium And in my office NFL in Mexico, For not responding when the grass got worse.

"You have to stay on a certain subject," he said. Pablo de Rubens, commentator ESPN. "It was not well planned by Azteca Stadium. They had more than 20 events in 100 days, which eventually ended the field. "

This is a cigar, of Televisa Sport, Was surprised by the decision of the League, to move the game between Rams and commanders Los Angeles Columbus Memorial, Because "We've always organized the wonder games, since the pre-season games in the 90's. It's something that hurts the fans and it makes the picture difficult."


If you bought tickets for Monday night between Rams and Chiefs, you should know that

What do you need to do if you bought tickets for Rams vs Chiefs?What do you need to do if you bought tickets for Rams vs Chiefs?

On the future of NFL In our country, Siro Procone He announced he would be in danger, but not just because of the hybrid grass.

"We should consider that the change in government comes, in the country and in Mexico City. The contract is about to be checked, because it needs government support. "

for Viraga, The contracts can be adjusted, in case the league returns to the capital.

"There will be more locks and realizations for fulfillment, if not, in time and form, they will get stronger, I dare not say that they do not go back, the whole thing, but that leaves a lot of detention."

The analyst added that "Hovev's trust is also lost, to pay a lot of money to travel and spend more." Will fans will be able to count on NFL in the future?

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