Sunday , June 26 2022

A car crash in Mexico in October


Mexico City Sales of light vehicles fell 6.45% in October, compared to the same month in 2017, according to data reported by the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi).

Meanwhile, sales reached 115,000 362 units last month, gaining annually a 143 million to 741 million A car sold.

Sales of new light cars in Mexico has declined. | Photo: Reform

The institute's report also notes that sales of brands such as General Motors and Volkswagen rose, while Nissan and Mercedes Benz suffered losses.

Despite the fact that Nissan is the most popular brand, and sold 24,531 units in October, it is the most recorded in sales compared to September, with 793 fewer units, followed by Mercedes-Benz with a decrease of 363 cars.

For its part, Volkswagen was the automotive brand with the highest growth in sales, going from 12,000 to 437 cars in September, to 14,000 814 vehicles in October.

General Motors also increased by 561 units compared to September, after selling 19,000 360 cars.

Among the luxury vehicles, which are those with the lowest sales, Jaguar Ballet, with only 18 units sold, and Smart, with 39 cars.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz, the most popular luxury vehicle, sold 1,869 units last month.

Sales of brands such as Mitsubishi, Bentley, Alpha Rome and Seat do not appear among the figures reported in October.

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