Saturday , May 15 2021

A new wave of coronary heart disease in America could be longer, PAHO fears

The countries of America Not only did they not take sufficient measures to prevent further infection Corona virus, But the measures have been eased so much that if they do not work now, a new “longer” wave of the disease could shake the continent, he warned. Pan American Health Organization (OPS).

“Let me be clear on the subject. Without preventative action, our area could face an even longer wave than the previous one,” the committee director said. OPS, Carissa Etienne.

At the weekly press conference experts on behalf of OPS They confirmed that the contraceptives taken in the countries, especially in the southern hemisphere, were not sufficient. The main cause for concern is Brazil.

There is, Etienne said, “an increase in cases throughout the region, even in places that seemed to contain or prevent outbreaks.”

Etienne noted that countries like Paraguay, Uruguay and Cuba are experiencing eruptions this year on a larger scale than those facing 2020.

Since January 1, 2021, OPS Accounted for 19.7 million cases of Covid-19 And 472,000 died of the disease on the continent.

The expert warned that in some progressive countries the epidemic is “rising” in hospitals.

As detailed, in two Brazilian countries the occupancy rate of intensive care units is increasing 80%While in Jamaica the centers operate “beyond capacity”.

“Mortality increases when this happens because patients have difficulty finding the care they need and health care workers are overburdening too many people at once,” Etienne said.

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Head e OPS He called on all countries to be on alert. “Complacency leads to more cases,” he said.

Etienne also noted that there are not enough vaccines to stop the active outbreaks and advocates prevention.

“With the advent of vaccines we will do our job to get them distributed as quickly and equitably as possible, but now we do not have enough vaccines to stop the active outbreaks,” he said.

In relation to the situation in Brazil, which closed the worst month of the plague in March with 60,000 dead and already has 317,646 dead, OPS He noted that the current outbreak is the result of an increase in transmission following the displacement of Christmas time and the carnival.

“I would like to emphasize that during these two periods the application of public health measures was not very optimal in most of the Brazilian territory,” said Dr. Silvan Aldigiiri, events director of OPS.

For the expert this led to an increase in transmission and geographical dispersion, and also noted that distribution of the local version P1 contributes to an increase in cases.

“We have seen that the P1 version seems to be more transmitted,” said Aldiegier, noting that this version travels around Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama, Venezuela, French Guiana, Mexico, the United States, Canada and the French Caribbean. And the Dutch.

However, the expert noted that the same measures taken last year continue to work against this version.

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