Saturday , May 21 2022

Adele: Fan number 1 of spice girls, happy with captivating news


In the many hours of yesterday afternoon, millions of followers of the Spice Girls Around the world they celebrated the official announcement of their return to the stage. but Adele, The number one fan of the girl band, was one that more anticipation raised.

The British soloist takes a few months from the spotlight of the musical news that is working on her new studio project, but the announcement of Spice Girls changed everything.

The singer did not hesitate to publish on social networks a picture revolving around the world to everything she represents: a world star at the moment of the pendulum.

Although it should be said that the photograph in which Adele demonstrates her excitement about the return of the spice girls is not from Adele's international star, but from the very young Adele with her wall of posters.

"Ah, that's how I feel now! I'm ready," Adele wrote in her official profile. Instagram With her image when I was a child. There is no doubt that we will see some of the UK concerts in the Spice.

Adele's thorn, as we assume that most Spice Girls fans, is the absence Victoria Beckham. But at least they will Glynn As a guest artist and I am sure that the British would love to go up and sing with them.

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