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Analysis to Mate 20 Pro: Cameras and Performance


Huawei Mata 200 Peru

Mate 20 Pro brings some aces up this sleeve and gave us some surprises to go beyond superb performance, very fast camera and excellent quality finishes.

Know our opinions about Design, multimedia, added values, Etc. of the equipment; See the first part of this review:

Analysis Mate 20 Pro: Best smartphone of the year?


Huawei Mate 20 Data Sheet Pro

screen AMOLED of 6.3 inches 19.5: 9 with resolution 1,440 x 3,120 pixels (539 ppi)
professor Kirin 980 7 nanometers
2 x Cortex A76 2.6 GHz + 2 x Cortex A76 1.92 GHz + 4 x Cortex A55 1.8 GHz
GPU Mali-G76
RAM 6/8 GB
Internal storage 128 GB (expandable via NM card)
Rear camera Leica Vario-Summilux Optics
Main camera (angular): 40 Megapixel RGB sensor and f / 1.8
Wide angle camera: 20 megapixel sensor and f / 2.2
Lamb camera: 8 megapixel sensor and f / 2.4 f / 2.4
Front room Leica Vario-Summilux Optics
24 megapixel sensor with f / 2.0 aperture
battery 4.200 mAh, with fast payment,
Wireless Charging and Wireless Charging Backward
link LTE Cat21, AC AC, NFC. BT 5.0, USB Type C and Desktop
software Android 9 + EMUI 9.0
others IP68, fingerprint reader on screen, 3D Face ID
Dimensions and weight 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6 mm, 190 g
PRICE $ 20,999 Mexican pesos

For months we stopped betting on comparisons between the famous Benchmarks, the programs that rate the performance of the instruments. After more than 23 years of reviewing all types of mobile phones, we are confident that the most important thing is the user experience. And en case of Mate 20 Pro with Qirin 980 processor, with dual NPU and 6GB in RAM; We are confident that it delivers impeccable performance regardless of the type of use you give.

This Huawei smart flag incorporated the latest version of Huawei's octacore star processor, Kyren 980 (2x Cortex-A76 2.6 GHz + 2x cortex-A76 1.92 GHz + 4 x Cortex-A55 1.8 GHz). It is observed that a double NPU (neural processing unit, for its translation of acronyms in English) that the manufacturer promises will positively affect the overall performance of the instrument.

After weeks of use, we submitted it to very difficult days of working with constant social networking, multiplayer gaming, Liveestreaming, and so on; Every single day. We force the device a bit and do not close any application, just to see if when running in the background many applications Mate 20 Pro worked just like when the device was turned on. And the answer is yes.

Social network applications are the most demanding. Split screen With Facebook and Twitter the Mata 20 newspapers did not even have a slight delay.

The same thing happened with the latest generation of multiplayer online games. We played some shooter games, and even tried the demanding game No limits Which is racing with demanding preloaded ahead of time. limitless It requires an optimal response speed so that the game is enjoyed in its entirety (Come, therefore, it plays a racing car). After a good time of playing continuously we did not notice any kind of "lag" that prevented playing properly; even when we interbersed that game with Instagram App.

With multiplayer online games that require the best response speed, the AMTE 20 Pro has performed optimally.

The phone offers great performance. This is ideal for those whose smartphone is your co-worker (perhaps because of this it is called Mate, "Companion", for its translation in English). Where the best performance of the staff is essential on your day to date.

For example, after the path in the Cabify application at the same time in another application you are editing a video that you must send immediately by Skype; The good performance of your smartphone is critical. In this case, the team gave us optimal performance every time we interbersed the use between applications. Even when switching from one app to another, there was a delay.

With many applications open, even the most demanding, we do not notice an important lag when switching from one application to another.

in briefYou

In terms of use experience, the performance of the Mate 20 Pro is almost invincible. We've put our hands on the fire for the team and its performance, which is ideal for users who use the most demanding apps, regardless of whether they're productivity, social, or entertainment apps.

Note that the progress of the Qirin AI processor as well as its dual NPUs has significantly improved battery performance and performance.


It is undeniable that Huawei massified the trend of using triple-camera smart phones. The Mate 20 Pro (like the P20 Pro) has the same triple camera system that is not to boast of the manufacturer. Three of the cameras are really extraordinary.

Specifications of main cameras.

40 MP (color) + 20 megapixels (color) + 8 megapixels (color), f / 1.8 + f2.2 + f2.4 diaphragm, supports auto focus (focus depth, focus focus,

front cameraYou

24 MP (color), f / 2.0 diaphragm diaphragm

Mate 20 Pro has a very wide range of image taking and in some cases offers photographic modes that are undoubtedly exceptional.

Let's start with the tools that Hawaii has already used to us.

opening: Famous effect Boca With the background of the focus.
night: The best night shot of the moment (we know).
portrait: A famous beauty condition that attenuates facial features as well as some front camera filters.
Image: Here we can use HDR mode and images with motion.
video: It is added with beauty mode filters and also active for video.
Professionals Where we can make any match that comes to mind.

Other highlights: slow motion, panoramic, monochrome, AR lens with 3D Qmojis, 3D panoramic, underwater, etc.

Like Nova, Qmojis 3D

It does not go unnoticed because the HiVision integrated function, which allows us to scan QR codes, translate texts captured with the camera, identify objects and search the web for the acquisition of the most similar object captured one or, if necessary, search similar images

After a long list of the functions of Mate 20 Pro, we leave the two most hateful endings: the SuperMacro function that allows you to shoot objects at minimum distance to capture very small details. Please note that this function has very little premium equipment.

We also emphasize the telephoto function, which allows you to increase up to 10x. It is not uncommon in premium smartphones, but in the case of Mate 20 Pro it is by far the best telephoto (zoom) on the smartphone at this point. And the best with this feature of the 2018 smartphone. Followed only by the P20 Pro from the same manufacturer.

In a few words.

The cameras of this smart phone are by far the most complete of all the smartphones launched in 2018. Projection, supermacro, artificial intelligence with scene detection, night mode, aperture, wide angle, digital monochromatic, water shots, just by mentioning a few; The Mate 20 Pro is a real Swiss army knife with very useful functions.

As if that were not enough, each function works well. It does not disappoint at all.

If we had to choose the best smartphone with the best cameras of 2018, it would be exactly that one.

Recommendation of PC World Mexico

It is not easy for most consumers to pay $ 21,000 pesos for a smartphone. However, if you have the option to buy a phone in this price range, Mate 20 Pro is the best option at the moment. With all functions the equipment has a more fair cost.

To mention one thing, its closest competitors are note 9 with Mexico's most buying price of $ 25,000. And it is only 2 cameras main battery of less than 4000 mAh.

The LG V35 has a cost in Mexico of $ 22,000 Mexican pesos and although it also has 3 main cameras, it has a much lower battery (3300 mAh). And neither of the two (we know) has to load as fast as Huawei.

So do comparison, we repeat that for us Mate 20 Pro is the best option 2018 it.

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