Thursday , October 21 2021

Belinda's father rebukes her for daring weariness


Belinda Introduced his new collection of clothes yesterday Research F Mexico, This is the second collaboration the singer does with this line.

In her calculator account, the singer shared some strange moments with her father, who asked her about her bold neck.

"You have no support, they will think I am an agreed father," says Don Ignacio Peregrine. "It's neck today, do not be too much," Belinda replies.
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"At this age I use it, and then I do not," adds the interpreter, whose father notes that "Bovis are traitors." "Bovis does not dance, they do not run away on my own, not my traiocioneras," Belinda ends laughing.

In this second contribution, the singer develops as a designer, betting on neutral colors, metallic tones and jeans, each piece, she said, was the result of her passion for fashion.


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