Sunday , October 2 2022

Celia Laura and her provocative gaze, arrogant


Celia LauraThe daughter of Alex Laura and Laura Laura, Topless poses in social networks and in one of the photographs taken, aiming a glance provocative In response, he monopolized the attention of his followers, who fill it flattery

Celia Laura he left Holidays post Riviera Maya And took the opportunity to demonstrate his curves The tiny bikini, Even Topless, which caused thousands of followersThey'll go crazy.

Alex Laura's daughter lay in the pool without a bra with a provocative look,
So he got more than 50 thousand "likes".

In another photograph, La Lora came up on a swing in a bikini with black and white details, Which emphasized their curves.

Celia disabled comments on her Instagram account, however, her advertising has achieved more than 25 thousand "likes".

Celia is a model of glamor, known for appearing in various publications, including Playboy and Playtime. He obtained more than 600,000 followers in his account Instagram celi_lora

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