Thursday , October 6 2022

I will continue to redesign the park, though the Prosecution Prosecution will take me as a client: Victor Hugo Romero


Victor Hugo was rumored, The owner of the municipal office of Miguel Hidalgo, warned on Saturday that he will continue with the renovation of a private park in the social reform colony, although implies that he becomes a "client" of the public office.

"I am warning that I will continue to provide maintenance and that if I continue to be detained here (State Attorney's Office) I will be a customer," he said after completing the offices of Bay Boulevard Park Lira.

Romu said he had contacted the prime minister, Jose Ramon Ameba, And the elected prime minister, Claudia Scheinbaum, Who agreed that "solidarity" would offer a legal route to the place "Use and Public Use".

The Mayor of Miguel Hidalgo explained that the investigation file had been opened for the crimes of Trespassing and intrusion of private property functions.

Romeo stressed that the renovation work, carried out by a team of 300 workers, began with the fall of two trees, he said, almost killed two people.

During this Saturday, Mayor Miguel Hidalgo was arrested by elements of the police when he was in place with a gang of 300 workers.

When the work crews were on the job of renovations, the park's legal representative arrived at the scene, and at the same time the appropriate actions were completed, ending with the arrest of Hugo Remo.

Romeo confirmed, before boarding the patrol to be transferred to the public office, that the neighbors of the demarcation wanted to "anchor" the colony and the park; However, he stated, the park has moved from the public to the elaborate, "a long time ago" situation.

"We know about the conflict that has existed for a long time, I am responsible for bringing the teams to the public park, which is now private and earns a lot of people, I am about to be arrested because those who are here in the teams are not the culprits, they only received instruction," added Mayor Miguel Hidalgo.

They arrested me for wanting to encompass social reform reform !!

Posted by Victor Hugo Romero Guerra on Saturday, 17 November 2018

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