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La Gusana Ciega announces another presentation at the Metropolitan


– After the next exhausting localities December 5, the Mexican group La Gosanna Ciega announces a new date at the Metropolitan Teatro On 20 January 2019, which presale will be on 21 and 22 this month.

According to, it is so that Daniel Gutiérrez (voice guitar), Germán Arroyo (drums) and Lu Martinnez (bass) will please their fans in this exhibition with their best 26 years as alignment.

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After the release of their new album (EP) Borregos en la niebla II, The group showed why it is still preserved for the public's taste, As well as its validity, which has not expired.

As the first single, released lovers released, which was recorded in Mexico City on Suno Records and involvement in Vancouver, under the guidance of Howard Redekkop and mastered by Brooke McFarlana in CPS mastering.

It should be noted that the subject has the participation of the singer and host Sandra Corcuera, according to the statement.

His last single is Un poco más, A track full of powerful guitars and synthesizers, describing the frustrations and rough edges of life in the city, the passage of time and the lack of opportunity in the narrative that makes this energy a tempting exit for all problems.

La Gosanna Ciega Launches the 'Single'

La Gusana Ciega rock group has launched & # 39;, His second single EP EP next Borgos en la Niebla II, which will be available on 19 October will include four unpublished tracks.

According to, after the success of the first modern lovers, in conjunction with Sandra Korcura, the group introduces the new track loaded with powerful guitars and synthesizers with sensual hooks and melodic, said in a statement.

This poem describes the frustrations and rough edges of life in the city, The passage of time and the lack of opportunity in the narrative that converts this energy into a tempting solution to all problems.

Daniel Gutierrez (vocals and guitar), Carmen Arroyo (drums) and Luis Ernesto Martinez ("bass") are creating the work of American songwriter Bruce Springsteen on songs such as Born Run, Thunder Road and dancing in the dark.

The group is also ready to perform at the Metropolitan Theater on December 5, Where in addition to playing new songs, they will want their fans with hits like those estrella, Tornasol and Tu Volverás, among others.

Previously, La Gusana Ciega will be on October 11 in Metepec, Mexico; 13th in the Taceta commune da Puebla; About 20 at the Puccini Music Fest, in San Luis Potosí; And November 3 in rebellion.

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