Tuesday , May 17 2022

Melquiades Orozco died, the voice of Estudio Azteca


This Sunday, at the age of 90, he died Don Melkiades Sanchez Orozco, The official voice of Azteca Stadium

The Uruzko Malloyads Originating Teppic, Situation Niariet, He was also a painter and writer, for 52 years he was part of the history of the Azteca Stadium and was also known for announcing the bar cartoons on Channel 5, or for the "Channel 5 Classic Service Community" where he lent his voice to seek out the lost people.

At the age of 18, the "Parco" was orphaned, his first contact with the radio was at a local station in his hometown. He later started his successful career in Radiopolis, after building Azteca Stadium In 1966, Melchiades Sanchez Orozco Became the official voice of the recitation of a giant of Santa Ursula.

He also tried his luck as a writer with the books: Teppic, City of Memories and Mexico Mexicano! Ylango, brief notes on an unforgettable city.

On November 26, 2017, Melchiades Sanchez Orozco He gained proper recognition during the break of the young classics, for his long career of more than 50 years as the official voice of the Azteca Stadium.

Journalists, commentators, sports clubs mourn the death of Melquiades Orozco

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