Thursday , October 28 2021

Milestones and vulnerability of thousands of pesos TVs in the store


Mexico City – Various events were recorded at the beginning of the period happy ending, But it highlights one particular that came to chaos, to find out that the 55-inch TVs of the well-known brand, whose market price is 10 thousand 990 pesos, sold at 1,099 pesos.

Such a price shocked buyers who talked about the television, where the winds reached such a high level that there were idiots, blows and shouting to get the goods at the store located in Torre de la Mexico City

Social networks have shown many videos where a customer climbs the shelves and pulls the box of the device to save it, as another buyer appears on a staircase and delivers a TV to the rest of the consumers who want to take more than one home.

It became known that the price of televisions was mistakenly assumed by tagging a banner within activities before beginning a good end, and it was explained that the employee accidentally placed the comma at the price offered to customers.

Struggling to get a thousand pesos. | Video capture

Merca 2.0 magazine noted that the department store continued in an orderly and immediate manner for customers, and reported that due to the error of its staff, continued to honor the price of televisions.

Although the store helped prevent chaos, the videos show the commotion that has occurred to get the goods.

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