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Monreale seeks quiet before the initiative on bank fees


Monreale seeks quiet before the initiative on bank fees

Ricardo Monreale Avila, Morena's senator coordinator. Photo: Kwartoskuro

City of Mexico

President of the Senate Political Coordination Council, Ricardo Monreale Avila"What happened?" He asked Soothe the banking sector About "Innocent Initiative" Introduced a few days ago in collaboration with Senator Bertha Alicia and Caraveo for Remove fees And celebrated the beginning of talks with bankers.

In an interview with the Senate, Avila Montreal stated that he had good expectations about the dialogue with the bankers, although he warned that There is a general claim regarding the amount of commissions in different terms And as senators "very much on the citizens."

He insisted that the dialogue was positive, but said that in such a process "we can not accept everything or lose everything" Banks need to test myself, check out a business plan strategy, That there is a nuisance in front of an excess of fees, interests and expensive services.

However, Morena's Senate insisted that this was an "innocent initiative," which was neither a decision nor an agreement. This is just the beginning of a dialogue that, fortunately, has already begun and that there are good expectations, he stressed.

Ricardo Monreal Avila confirmed that there is a genuine opening of the Senate for dialogue, although he also hoped that the bankers will arrange himself.

On the apparent contradiction of President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on this issue, he said that they respect his views and listen to him, but They are an autonomous force that will continue to do their jobs.

Morena's Senate asked that no one should be surprised that the legislator would do his job and would continue to do so because there is a new government and a new legislature that the elected president will know how to respect, how he respects the separation of powers and the rule of law.

Unnamed: Play Alberto Gomez Alcala, President of the Association of Banks of Mexico, He also celebrated the beginning of the dialogue Convened by committees that will dictate the initiative and said optimistic about the results of the forums.

On his own occasion and after going to the Senate to speak with members of the governing committees of the initiative, Alberto Gomez Alcal√°, president of the Association of Banks of Mexico, celebrated the beginning of the forums and declared that the bankers will participate happily.

While there are still no dates, the invitation to dialogue is very important because it is attentive to all sides. The issue of fees is not so easy to explain, he said, but he hoped that during the dialogue it would be possible to clarify and gain understanding.

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