Thursday , October 21 2021

The Mexicans combine the first mission corresponding to Mars


A team consisting entirely of Mexicans will perform a similar task Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), Utah Desert, United States.

The mission, which will be called Mission of Inquiry 1 (MEX-1), will be developed Between 15 and 30 December 2018 And it will be number 201 of the analog tasks program coordinated by Mars Company, an organization wishing to spread the benefits of Earth exploration Mars.

Space training will be supported by Society for anonymous scientists. He will have 6 on-site staff plus a support and support team from Mexico by Tanya Maria Robles Hernandez (Census), who is a student in mechanical engineering.

The team consists of Juan Carlos Mariscell Gomez, computer engineer and CEO, Cesar Augusto Serrano Baza, mechatronics and mechanical engineer and space engineer, Nero Grig de Lopez, space engineer as health and safety director, Federico Martinez Espinosa, engineer from Metronik and Astrónomo Crewman and Walter Obadías Kallas Glass, communications engineer and electronics.

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