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The National Guard would have its own uniform, rules and controls: Graz Manaro

The National Guard would have its own uniform, rules and controls: Graz Manaro

Order, hierarchy and training of the armed forces will be elements that will integrate the National Guard (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

City of Mexico

Alejandro Graz Manaro, Andres Manuel Lopez's advisor, Obrador, for the establishment of the National Security Program, announced that the National Guard would be pleased with the elements currently combining the military, military and federal police with their own rules, hierarchies and uniforms. They will allow the armed forces to return to their task of defending sovereignty.

It is to create a new unit with its own uniforms, its own law, its own hierarchies and controls with training systems that will be distributed in 266 units of the state.

He orders and rescues something that seems to be impossible, and the army and the army are returning to their basic tasks of defending sovereignty and national security, "said Graz Manaro in an interview with Pascal Balteran del Rio. A picture of a radio.

Army and Navy, Base Guard; Security Plan

López Obrador's adviser said that the National Guard had been used by several governments over the past century, and that the intention was to give a sense of modernity and that they would take advantage of the "discipline, order, hierarchy and training of the armed forces so as not to leave the population defenseless" .

The President (López Obrador) traveled all over the country, knowing the need of the population in the face of violence. He heard the fact that the only institution the company has faith in is the army.

The image, order, hierarchy, discipline, and results of the army, the population needs them and can not be wasted, but maintaining the traditional structures of the army as a police force is not the right thing to do. "

Amnesty: First to farmers and hawks

On another issue that composes the National Security Plan, the pardon, Graetz Manaro was determined to note that the legal image of forgiveness can be used only if the victim has repaired the damage.

The security adviser to the president-elect indicated that in the Sierra de Guerrero (a stormy place to plant a poppy) the peasants lived in the "hunger" that they were forced to "sow or kill" and that these people could not be considered criminals.

Amnesty is the foundation from the social point of view. Combine them and give them a reasonable margin of life. The same thing happens in children, young people (hawks) who register them.

First, to save these communities and the young people who are the most damaging to the population, "said Graz Manaro.


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