Sunday , December 5 2021

The Televisor will pay more than 9,000 pesos to expand their franchises


For the first time in the history of open television service franchises in the country, the Iftel Plenum has determined that Multimedios, Televisa and Azteca TV groups must pay consideration to extend their franchises for a total of more than nine thousand 700 million pesos.

In a statement, the Federal Institute of Communications (IFELEL) reported that the extension of various franchises for commercial use cover the operation of 411 digital television broadcasting stations in various locations in the country.

He noted that the intercessions had a expiry date as of December 31, 2021, and during 2018 he initiated the last fifth of its validity, so that the extension requests were presented with an appropriate opportunity, in accordance with this legal framework.

Under the new conditions, the franchise was set to 33 concession franchises, 23 in the case of Televisa, three for Azteca Television and seven for Multimedios.

The IFTEL Board has determined the amount of the consideration for each of the extensions in accordance with the provisions of Section 100 of the Federal Communications Law (LFTYR).

For this purpose, the opinion of the Ministry of Finance and credit to the public was requested, and the results of the two open television tenders conducted by Iftel were taken into account, which can be assessed by the appreciation of the market in the spectrum

For the expansions of the concessions requested by Televisa, the proceeds determined for each of its 225 stations was five thousand 666.6 million pesos, while on Azteca television for 179 stations the sum amounted to 380.880 million pesos, and Multimedios, which group seven stations, the sum amounted to 207.9 million pesos.

The final payments made by the companies will be updated at the time of payment, in accordance with the national CPI.

Iftel confirmed that the extension permits will not have adverse effects on competition and free consent, and that the source of the same allows interested parties to continue to provide the concession service, which provides legal certainty to the applicants and also ensures continuity of the franchise in the public service.

Since its establishment in September 2013 to date, close to 1,500 broadcast broadcasts have been approved, enabling industry and users to be assured of the continuity of the services provided, as well as enabling efficient development, competition and free competition in sectors regulated by Iftel.

In the coming weeks, the regulator will decide on additional requests for radio and television extension, which will be added to those already decided.

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