Monday , October 25 2021

Vicente Fernandez Jr. challenges the journalist to prove his father is brain dead


After the journalist m TVNotas, Laura Palmer, Expressed that he had evidence that Vesente Fernandez suffered a brain death, as he shared in the weekly issue of the magazine, Vicente Fernandez Jr. He challenged her to prove that everything she wrote was true.

Fernandez Jr. was invited, during an interview to television show, To Palmer and the controversial magazine for which he works to show the alleged evidence that his father “has ulcers all over his body” and that “his lungs are about to collapse and he is already dead in the brain.”

“I completely deny the publicity that TVNotas had, that they even get stronger and say they have a way of proving that their information is correct. I invite them to demonstrate this,” he was sentenced.

The singer also revealed that soon the doctors in charge of treating the Chero de Montitan will provide a report that will demonstrate the “truth and reality” of his current health condition.

Precisely in the last medical part, family members and doctors announced that Vicente Fernandez is stable, although “very dependent on ventilation through a tracheostomy,” since his breathing effort is weak.

Vicente Fernandez Jr. deletes the post in which he denied TVNotas

Today Vicente Fernandez Jr. deleted the Instagram post in which he denied Laura Palmer and the magazine, and also promised that it was “sad” that they dared to invent that “there is no hope” for “Chero de Montian” alone to sell.

“Invented entirely out of profit motive with my father’s public. The fictitious journalist who signed, Laura Palmer and the magazine will have to prove the truth of her report. In disgust they deny the public in such a way. And I keep it with my whole family, “he wrote.

However, Fernandez Jr. decided today to delete this post from his Instagram account and leave only a statement with the latest medical report on the translator’s health My beautiful darling.

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