Sunday , October 2 2022

What "Chiquitas Words" hide when joining



WHatsApp, like any application and / or service, contains "Terms of Use and Platform Policy," which contain important "small letters" to consider.

The most important is that the online instant messaging service has the power to cancel the user account if he is lying or using his profile for propaganda purposes, which is contrary to all the brands that are already using it to sell.

"You may not directly or indirectly access, use, copy, modify, modify, create derivative works of our Services, or distribute, sublicense, transfer, display, perform or otherwise exploit our Services in any way Acceptable or unauthorized, or in ways that affect us, harm us or harm our systems, our users or others, "WhatsApp reports.

Another important point is that through the service, the user accepts all commitment, damage, compensation, loss and expenses of any kind on a Facebook owned platform.

In addition, he notes that the user is responsible for the costs of the operator's data plan, as well as the fees and taxes associated with the use of our services.

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