Thursday , October 21 2021

GMT + 1 leads welfare-Eddine to the O & M Mani trial


Kiosque360. After the students and the parents, the lawyers appealed to the Court of Appeals to cancel the order on daylight saving time. The government is increasingly lonely since PPS and Istiqlal seem more and more against GMT + 1.

The Moroccan Bar Association filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister Sa'ad 'Adin al-Othmani in the Court of Appeals and called for the execution of the order to be suspended. legal. Lawyers see the government's decision to be unconstitutional.

They view this order as a violation of the principles of the protection of civil rights and fundamental freedoms. What principles prohibit any attack on their sanitary, spiritual, economic, and social security, as determined in the second chapter of the Constitution.

The legal representative of the union, the lawyer at the Bar of Marrakech, Ragheli Lucien, filed an appeal on this order by mentioning the multiple flaws this contains. He specifically cites the abuse of force since he believes that the order was issued by a party that is not legally entitled to change the legal time by royal decree.

The union believes that the government relied on the first paragraph of Article 1 of Royal Decree No. 455/67 which was published in June 1967. But, he adds, he evaded and thus knowingly violated the second section which prohibits him sweepingly from changing the legal time appropriate for it Of Greenwich.

The daily Assabah , In the edition of Saturday, November 17, that the union believes that with the adoption of the decree, the government failed in its mission to protect the rights and basic freedoms of citizens.

Therefore, it is not connected to the union, respects the general interest that is the source of the legislation and its purpose. The government has justified the maintenance of summer time by reducing power consumption, whereas in winter, sunrise occurs late. This maintenance forces students, civil servants and employees to get up in the dark to return to their schools or workplaces. As a result, and contrary to what the government claims, daylight saving time increases the consumption of different forms of energy.

The Association explains that its goal is to ensure the rule of law and its implementation in a voiceful manner in order to achieve legal certainty through rational legislation. However, this order does not meet these standards and does not take into account the factors of stability, suitability and flexibility recommended in such cases.

The daily El Massa The same issue in the edition of Saturday, November 17, recalled the content of the appeal of the union of lawyers. The newspaper reported the call of lawyers for unification, political and associative bodies to unite and create a national entity to cancel the government order.

The lawyers' movement came at a time when there were a few voices against the observance of daylight saving time. The government's decision even succeeded in agreeing to the opposition parties and for the most part. Therefore, the Political Bureau of the PPS called for "an expanded discussion with all social representations to find a solution that would achieve all the objectives of the application of legal time, to address both the needs of the national economy and those of families and students, And tasks in the public and private sectors. "

The Istiqlal party's executive committee, for its part, declares what caused it "dissatisfaction with the manifestations of the students and their parents, especially because in some cases we found serious slides that influenced the symbols of the homeland and the Moroccan state and the security of people.

In this context, the IP requested the government to reconsider the decision "quickly without investigating its negative impact and its impact on education, security, productive sectors and public services."

And to conclude that we need to open a real discussion on this issue with the socio-economic actors civil society actors before submitting an alternative to the legislative institutions.

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