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Hundreds of complaints from Moroccans around the world

November 21, 2018 – 1 pm –
Moroccans of the world

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Approximately 400 complaints were filed by Moroccans living abroad in consulates and embassies on conflicts in Morocco, mainly in real estate.

According to the newspaper "Beer al-Yaum", 400 complaints have been filed since the beginning of the year by the Ministry of Health, mainly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, regarding expropriations and expropriations of property that took place in Morocco. All applications were re-directed to the relevant departments of the territorial administration or the courts to conduct investigations.

In the case of territorial administration, 30 cases have already been resolved, 60 should follow the same path and provide satisfaction MRE and 28 have not received positive opinions, says the Arabic-language daily.

In addition to real estate cases, MREs also filed complaints against local authorities for urbanization issues or decisions made by some commune presidents.

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