Thursday , October 6 2022

"I ask the court to listen to the street" (video)


The trial of Taufik Bukharin came to an end. The final verdict will be published on Friday evening. In a recent hearing, held today in Casablanca Court of Appeals, DirectorThe brother of Bar-el-Yaum She announced a last word.

"The last word of Bukharin is far deeper than any defense argument, including mine," said lawyer Mohammed Zian, a member of the journalists' defense committee, on the microphone. Site Information.

"I call on the court to listen to the street and win it," he added, noting that the press boss tried to defend himself, and through him all the journalists.

For his part, Muhammad al-Heini, the lawyer of the alleged victims, said in a statement to Site InformationBouachrine seems to be stressed out, trying to defend himself.

And to add that the boss of the newspaper was provided with certificates in writing for his speech, without any improvisation. "He tried to deny the charges against him and claimed he was not the one who appeared in the videos in question," he added.

And to continue: "He still wanted to protect the person who appeared in the videos, which indicates that she is in agreement with these women," he added.

Words that caused the misunderstanding of the president of Samaria, according to Al-Heini. The latter would ask Bouachrine if he defended consent to sex.

Al Haini also noted that Bouachrine read a Koran verse while speaking in court.

Detained in February, Tawfiq Bukharin, who is facing a 20-year prison sentence, defends political justice. About five videos seized in his office were brought up for discussion between the security prosecution during the trial, which was mostly closed. Few methods for part and montage never show that the person photographed is Taoufik Bouachrine for others.

As a reminder, Tawfiq Boukarin has been tried for several serious charges, including human trafficking, abuse of weakness, rape or sexual harassment. The alleged acts against him were allegedly committed against several complainants.

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