Monday , March 8 2021

Interoperability for withdrawals from operational ATMs from next week

Two years after its launch, M-Wallet The project was carried by BAM And ANRT with the whole ecosystem) crosses a new threshold. In fact, in addition to payments (its main purpose), it also allows cash withdrawals from ATMs. Starting next week, the interoperability operation will allow the M-Wallet customer to make withdrawals in total Nathan Partner banking institutions.

The announcement was made by Michael Nakiri, CEO of CMI and a member of the Moroccan mobile payments group, During the online seminar on electronic payments organized by TIJARA 2020 Federation and PORTNET SA This coming February 23rd on the subject of “no cash in the distribution service”.

The CEO of CMI recalls, however, that the purpose of M-Wallet is to reduce the use of cash, which also explains the fact that M-Wallet’s withdrawal costs double the withdrawal costs on the card.

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