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Karen Hanov, Russian Revelation



Tell me who you're fighting, I'll tell you what player you are … John Isner, Alexander Zorub, Dominique Thame and finally Novak Djokovic. Within four days, between the eighth and final, the young Russian Karen Khan, Anov, 22, beat four of the Top 10 members to win the Sunday at the Rolex Paris Masters, the first 1000 Masters (the second category of circuit tournaments behind Grand Slams) of his career.

"I can not cry but I'm very happy," he said after his success in two teams against Djokovic on Sunday at the scene of AccorHotels. "I'm really pleased with the way I played here this week, the game after the game, I raised my level of play against all the guys on the 10th and the Novak, number 1 (# 2, he was promising to restore the place of World # 39 ; 1 at the end of the tournament, ed), today (Sunday) ". After severe defeats against leading players like Rafa (Nadal) in New York (the third round of the US Open), it pushed me to my limits to work even harder.

He objected to Landel in "The Open America." Because if Hanube will be the 11th player Sunday to win his first 1000 Masters in Paris, his victory is not so a big surprise, given the quality of his tennis at major events. As he remembered, the Russian stood in front of Rafael Nadal at the US Open, bowing in four sets after 4:23 of the Battle Duel (5-7, 7-5, 7-6[7], 7-6[3]). A few weeks earlier, he had already reached the semifinals of the Masters 1000 in Toronto, bowed only to … Nadal. This time, this solid guy nearly two meters (1.98m) and 87kg, went to the end, ending in a series of 22 wins Djokovic with fire tennis.

I've heard of Europe 1

He is young, tall, strong and can hold the pressure

"He's young, he's tall, he's strong, we've seen him, mentally, he's well built, he can hold on to important moments, even when he comes back to the wall. . Impressive on the field, with forehand shots and a backhand, Hannoville is also in warm moments, as he proved in a round of 16 by standing against another giant, John Isner, at three sets around 2: 30 of the game (6-4, 6-7[9], 7-6[8]). Also proof of his character, he won the four-finals he played on the ATP circuit: Chengdu in 2016, Marseille, Moscow and Paris this year.

"The new Marat Safin." Of course, the winner of the Anubis in Paris, he only reinforces the reception with one of his illustrious elders, Marat Safin, who won three times in March of last year (2000, 2002 and 2004).

"This (the similarity between the two players) jumped on my eyes the first time I saw him playing, two years ago, at Roland Garros," explains B. Staff Arno di Pasquale, contemporary Safin on the courts and former technical director of French tennis. "I stopped to see him play, and already, like Safin, he was in Spain (half of Enov was trained for four years, between 2013 and 2017, by the former Spanish player Gallo Blanco, Ed.) To push the cork, I would say it was the copy In its case, I find that there are many similarities. In its transition in Spain, there is its size, its size, its prominent ball, its service, its backhand … for a guy of 1.98, I think Which is moving super well.It is quite bluffing, it moves like a guy of 1.80 in fact, we forget almost its size. " Guy forgot to raise another point in common with Sapin, who was born as a half-anov in Moscow. "There is imagination in the game, at the level of the palm, on the opposite level, but also on the personal level," he insists. "He is a very kind player, very generous, very warm, who is appreciated by most players in the dressing room."

Patron of David. After Gallo Blanco, from whom he broke up a year ago, Hanov is now working with Vardan Martic, the former Croatian coach, Goran Ivonz Beach. And still enjoys significant family support, as often happens in tennis. Here is his uncle Alexander Zyntes, a board member of a Russian supermarket company and director of a construction and interior design company, as explained Staff Who put his foot in a cage when he was fifteen by financing the beginning of his career. And who reaped the first fruits today.

Anub is the 11th ATP ranking published on Monday. Meanwhile maybe better? "I think he still has aspects of his game that are perfect, including his game on the fly, his move, small technical things he can do a little better, so if he continues to work, imagine what could be its potential one, two or three years, "Guy said to forget. Like all members of the new generation, the famous "Next Gen" (Alexander Zverev, Denis Shapovalov, Stefanos Tstsipas …), now Khachanov will need to hold on to the duration. Because this Rolex Masters Paris 2018 also showed that thirty something, Novak Djokovic, 31, or Rogge, R. Federer, 37, still had some holy relics …

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