Saturday , April 17 2021

Le Matin – Dedication of an area devoted to the memory of resistance

A memorial site for resistance and liberation was inaugurated on Sunday in Tefalat, on the occasion of Independence Day, by the former High Commissioner for the former underground and the former Liberation Army, Mustafa al-Katiri. The total amount of this project is 2.05 million DH, of which the contribution of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in the order of 950 thousand DH. The Office of the High Commissioner of the former underground fighters donated 150,000 dinars to this project, while the municipality of Tivelt raised an amount of 950 thousand dinars. "The new structure is intended to remind future generations of the glorious history of resistance and preserve historical documentation, and it will shed light on the military events and the symbols of resistance in the region," said Posaya Bogarian, district representative of the Office of the High Commissioner, The liberation. He added: "This area is specifically designed to preserve the national and local historical memory of the resistance and the army of liberation, as well as to instill in the young people the values ​​of patriotism and citizenship." At the same time, a vigorous gesture was given to two old women who were immune and members of the Liberation Army, in recognition of their victims and their struggle for the restoration of Moroccan independence. This is a reek of vowels and an alfalfa seal. In addition, the new building consists of a showroom, a training room, a meeting room and offices, and a cultural and educational space.

Abdalkhir Adouha

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