Thursday , October 28 2021

Ligue 1 | Transfer: Mohamed Lamine Sylla "Leandro" moves from satellite to star satellite …


Ligue 1 | Transfer: Mohammed Lamine Sylla

Ligue 1 | Transfer: Mohamed Lamine Sylla "Leandro" moves from satellite to star satellite …

Coach Mohammed Lamine Sylla, commonly known as Leandro, has just ended his cooperation with the Ratoma Satellite Football Club. He just joined another club in Ligue 1, star star de Labé.

Check only a few months ago FC satelliteThings began well with Leandro. He managed to maintain a club that was in a very complicated situation at the end of the 2017-2018 season. Tired of the actions of the club leaders, the coach of Guinea turned around for other purposes. " Trust is the basis of all working relationships. As far as my choices are not respected by the club, I feel that it really no longer has to continue … "Testified the person to CIS radio.

This Thursday, the dean embarked on a new adventure with Labo's Flo Star, Replacement Suleiman Kamara (Now responsible for the U-23 national team). For now, the duration of this contract is not set, but what remains is sure that Mohammed Lamine Sylla can now boast that was under his dome, all the big stables of the Guinness World Cup.

Ibrahim Kalil Kuyata

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