Friday , February 26 2021

Morning – René Girard of Limogeage is registered

Dr. Sadiq

French coach René Girard did not last long in Casablanca Casablanca. Fifty days after his appointment, the French technician admitted after a three-hour meeting with the club's president, Sa'id Natsiri. Another meeting was scheduled on Tuesday between the two sides to settle the financial side.

Just arrived, already fired. Frenchman René Girard admitted on Tuesday by Wydad of Casablanca about the inefficiency of the results. Jirard led only five games at the Casablanca club head with a elimination in the semi-finals of the Cup trophy and round 16 of the Arab Cup. The new defeat on Sunday against Al-Shabab Reef Al-Husaima is the straw that broke the camel's back. After the new defeat, the club's president, Said Natsiri, met with Jirard and his technical team.
At this meeting, which lasted for three hours, the French technician introduced the work he had done since his arrival, stressing what he had done and those that had failed. And in the end, both sides agreed that under the current conditions, it was difficult for them to continue to cooperate. A second meeting was scheduled on Tuesday between the two sides to find a financial arrangement. For information, Girard and his technical team earn about 300,000 DH per month. They have a two-year contract with the Casablanca Club.

The sauce did not take between Jirard and the players
It is difficult to explain the dire consequences of Rene Jirard with Wydad. The French technician brings behind him a wonderful experience as a coach. The bad results can not be explained by the French's poor training. That would be short. It is also difficult to put the bad results on the players' backs. Three months ago they were good. The only reasonable explanation is that the mayonnaise did not take between the two sides. But all the necessary elements were present. Within a month, Maatz was eliminated in the African Champions League against the Santant Seif, the Cup Cup against Burns in the Renaissance and the Arab Cup against the Sahl sports star, and three retreats that the club fans find difficult to digest and hasten the departure of Rene Girard.

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