Thursday , October 6 2022

Moroccan digital sovereignty observatory was born


The Moroccan Digital Sovereignty Observatory (OMSN), a think tank bringing together experts, academics and researchers specializing in the digital world, held its Constituent General Assembly (AGC) on Saturday in Rabat, with the aim of electing the president of this building as well as its board members.

The World Health Organization aims, according to its regulations, “to unite all digital and other players of digital sovereignty as a strategic axis of Morocco, to develop research and reports on this subject and related issues in addition to supporting, educating and advising organizations on the deployment of digital strategy.”

It also aims to organize events, set up an alternative platform and reflect on digital issues and bring together companies and players in the field for the emergence of a sovereign Moroccan digital ecosystem. According to its initiators, this initiative stems from an awareness of the importance of encouraging the technological and digital independence of the kingdom.

OMSN President Mustafa Malloui, elected at the end of this AGC, welcomed the creation of this structure that will actively contribute to the digital project in Morocco and collaborate with all government and associative actors. Recommendations for the new development model report regarding the digital transition and the acceleration of public administration digitization.

“I have full confidence that our country has the assets needed for true digital takeoff. The establishment of an office recently dedicated to the digital transition and government reform is the real proof that digital technology is a strategic priority for our country,” Mr. Maloui said in a special speech.

As a proposal to adopt a collaborative approach, WHON will make a quality contribution to the digital field in order to develop, in consultation with all stakeholders, a national strategy for digital sovereignty, stressed Mr. Fillows.

It is time to start a national debate on this issue and see how Morocco can position itself as an inevitable face in the digital world at the regional level, by leveraging the achievements made in digital governance, he estimated.

“The Observatory will ensure the considerate use of digital technology that takes into account our virtues as Moroccans,” he noted, noting that this structure will offer concrete solutions and recommendations to public authorities on issues related to data sovereignty and digital consumption. general.

The World Health Organization will also provide a digital information platform for first and foremost the question of the territorial integrity of the kingdom, as well as Moroccan products and national branding, he concluded.

The members of the Executive Committee of the Observatory were then elected, in accordance with its regulations.

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