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Stan Lee, Marvel's giant giant

It was Marvel what Disney was in with Walt Disney: an iconic figure. And even if Stan Lee did not create the publishing company of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, X-Men or the Avengers himself, he has certainly been his embodiment for decades. So much so that the publisher-writer was almost always invited to make a wink in the film or television productions adapted to the Marvel universe. LOS ANGELES – On Nov. 12, at the age of 95 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the inventor of Spiderman's official inventor and the most famous designers in pantyhose from Marvell, he will remain famous to help irritate comics in the industry in the 1960s.

The imagination, which came to mind with designers Steve Dittko and George Kirby in particular, Lee's superheroes from 1961 to 1966, were revived by their more intimate and tormented aspects than the heroic neighbors of the venerable rival (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other green lanterns) . Paradoxically characterized by the typical repugnant of Lee's style, Marvel's writers were often defined as the equivalent in the comics of the new wave of French cinema. It is probably not a coincidence that one of the last flag, the infamous director and comedian Alain Resnais, was adorned with affection for these heroes more in connection with the daily, heart fragments from Spider-Man / Peter Parker to hire galleys for the Fantastic Four. Resnais and Li also established an ongoing friendship in the late sixties and together fed some film projects that did not finally emerge. They were then far from imagining that thirty years later, at the dawn of the 2000s, heroes and heroes against heroes created by me were going to the Hollywood monarchy in blockbusters around the world.


Stan Lee in the middle of his creations.


Even today, almost all movies Marvel Studios (Disney's subsidiary since 2009) are based on characters, humor and narrative grammar that Stan Lee and his partners laid the ground half a century ago. Although the end of life is darkened in 2017 by the death of his wife and I win, not to mention the stinging continuation to personal stbacks, Stan Lee lived long enough to see the heroes become World Championships at the box office. The fate of a former child of Romanian Jewish immigrants, born in 1922 in Manhattan, was traumatized by his parents' poverty, which was severely damaged by the Great Depression.

fake name

During his teenage years in the Bronx, Stanley Martin Lieber fled to the adventures of novels, mythology and movies with Errol Flynn. He secretly cherishes the dream of being a writer, while accumulating odd jobs like moving sandwiches, laying a Broadway theater or a boy in an office. In 1939, at the age of 17, he was hired as a cheerleader for the label Timely Comics, a subsidiary of a publishing company owned by a family member, Martin Goodman. On Superman's Flash Victory, published a year ago by a competitor (DC Future), Timely also publishes comic books with superheroes such as Submariner, Ka-Zar and Android. Flame the human torch, a draft of the future friend of the Fantastic Four. In time, Stanley fills the ink, brings the authors' lunch, erases the page listings for recycling … but very soon he strives to do more. The sector has been booming since the establishment of Superman, the comic industry enjoys a golden age, the bestsellers sell up to a million copies every month, and Stanley Lieber wants to write.

Founded in 1941 by Simon and George Kirby, the patriotic and anti-Nazi superhero Captain America will give him the opportunity to inaugurate his skills as a dialogue, in May 3, 1941. His pseudonym: Stan Lee. Enrolled in the military service of the transfer in 1942, "Stan" returns to Timley to be released in 1945 to climb the ladder. But the post-war climate is, unfortunately, much more hostile to comics, now considered violent and responsible for distortion or even pushing them to delinquency. Superheroes are no longer fashionable and Captain America, although the head of the gondola at Marvel, four years earlier, ceased to appear in 1949. At the time, Atlas's name in the 50s, will pass itself to novels, westerns, polarities, spy stories, comedies … but Stan Lee is bored. The industry has become routine, the box is rotating without innovation, and the Bronx teenager who dreamed of a big feather is approaching midlife with the impression that he missed his great design.

Stan Lee © LUCY Nicholson AFP

Stan Lee in 2000


On the other hand, the market leader still, DC comic strikes again with a new hero team reviving the genre, in 1960: the Justice League of America. Stan Lee, invited by his boss Goodman to the monkey to compete, decides, at his wife's advice, to innovate and invent, with Kirby Geek, a family of overseers who will simply turn the revolution into comics. Richard Rich (Mr. Fantastic), his wife Suzanne (whose name is changed to Jane in VF), his brother-in-law Jenny Storm and his childhood friend The Thing create an open operating group. Their personal lives, their quarrels, their economic worries and worries are antithetical to their exploiters, all in a much less rigid tone, more relaxed than their colleagues in DC. In the comics he did not come out in 1961, when he was inspired by his boss to create other hero heroes in the same direction, giving birth in 1962 to the future cornerstone of the entire Marvelous empire: Spider-Man, introduced in an amazing fantasy magazine No. 15.

The greatest soap of superheroes

Designed by Steve Ditko, this hero named Peter Parker will crush the American youth. A lonely and timid high school student, a geek before science lover, this orphan was raised by his aunt May and his cousin Ben acquires super powers following a radioactive spider sting in the laboratory (in these times of fear of death). Atom, radiation in all its forms, served as an ideal alibi for Stan Lee and his friends). Crushed by the guilt of refusing to stop a robber who, that evening, to murder his uncle, Parker decides to put his powers into good service and becomes Spider-Man. Complicated, broken, often lucky with women struggling with a thousand daily worries (including caring for her sick aunt), Peter Parker touches the hearts of the readers, who identify with him as they cheer in front of the victors of his alterer in costume. The real novelty in comic history, by its youth and appearance, is that Spiderman quickly becomes Marvel what Superman and Mickey are in Washington and Disney: a character. Without comparing the Krypton records, sales of Spiderman fly to several hundred thousand copies a month.

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By the police, worn in the press, from humble social backgrounds, Spider-Man is the perfect anti-hero in the second half of the 1960s marked in the United States by protest movements and rejection of America. father. At the head of the amazing creative decade of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee imagines almost all of the future stalls of Heroic Vouchers – Hulk, Ironman, Vengeance, X-Men, Black Panther, Ant – The Soap Man of Marvel Heroes, But also their greater permeability to the modern world attracts adult readers, even students. Stan Lee, whose hunger and media hunger push him to receive many interviews and campus conferences, become Marvell's charismatic VRP. We come from Europe to meet him, like Ranais or Fellini, and slowly, Lee's scent and taste for microphones will move him from pure creation.

Admiration and controversy

Editor of Marvel Comics until 1968, Stan Lee became a publisher in 1972 and, slowly, trying to organize the migration of his heroes towards other media, television and priority. Operating frequently back and forth in Hollywood from that time, I get some results. Cartoon Spider-Man was born in 1967 (her generic song and the famous song "The Spider, the Spider, is Very Single …" will circulate in the French school in the 1970s). The weaver's fabric will also be the subject of a very bad television series in 1977, followed by Captain America, more satisfactorily, a cathodic adaptation of the Green Hulk with his bodybuilder Perino as a green monster. As he later told reporters, Stan Lee and Alan Rennes, who hooked up in the early 1970s, dreamed of a Spiderman film by the Frenchman, who would soon be leaving the project. Between the 70s and 80s, Hollywood studios will only get out of the Marvel series or the embarrassing B series. Cooled, Stan Lee, finally settled in Los Angeles Since 1981 with his wife Joanie and their only daughter, the plague seen in front of it, rival DC Comics wins two gold adaptations of superhero heroes: Superman (1978) by Richard Donner luggage carrier Tim Burton (1989).

At age 67, Lee was no longer an honorary member of the Marvel Comics group when it was bought in 1989 by Wall Street billionaire Ronald Perlman. Powerless since his semi-retirement Golden Fruit, Lee, will witness from the West Coast to Marvell's financial drowning, the victim of almost disaster management and deception of the company by Perlman, as well as the incredible collapse of the comic market. It does not prevent him from being a loved figure by reading all over the world, even if, in a circle of insiders, an ongoing controversy begins to suffice with the abundance of mustache and the reality of his various creative ancestors. It should be said that from one interview to another, Stan Lee sometimes seems to change his version of the circumstances of creating his modern myths, approximations he puts into the name of a cloudy memory. Blurred for many years by his former partners Steve Ditko and Kirby, Stan Lee is chastised by purists for boycotting his designers from the fantastic concepts of Spider-Man and another four fantastic. And therefore also a significant part of the royalties …

The general public and readers of other less radical think that anyway, Lee embodies the face Marvell always needed, a father figure who opened the doors of this wonderful kingdom. Among these grateful fans, a huge number of directors, writers, producers, actors, former children of the 60s and 70s, who in the late 90s, have enough influence in Hollywood and want to see beautiful adaptations of Marvel heroes crever screen. That's good: in the end, the firm finally comes out of its financial nightmare, taken in 1998 by toy manufacturers Tandem, Ron Perlmutter and Avi Arad, who begins, like Stan Lee, but with more talent, at meals. Hollywood. The inauguration of the 21st century will be beautiful and culturally marked by the beginning of the reign of the Marvel heroes, in America will soon be tortured by the attacks of September 11 and seeks new lifeguards. In 2000 and 2002, the triumph of X-Men, and especially Spider-Man, put the cult publisher on the world pop culture map for good.And Stan Lee, who was turned into a series of productions with his British entertainment company, was permanently fired from Marvell's new management, But with a sympathetic compensation of nearly $ 1 million a year, and a "duty of representation" in the media in every new edition, which is good: he likes it.

Chain Success

"I'm so proud of Sam Raimi's spider man, that's exactly what I imagined … The scene of the movie where Uncle Ben, unemployed, reads the classifieds to find a job and made me think of my father looking for a job during the Great Depression … I'm Ben Parker's model about him "Stan Lee promised in 2002 to the author of these lines in his office in Los Angeles. "I wish so much that my old friend Bob Keene (creator of Batman in 1939, died in 1998) was there to see Sam Raimi's film, which continued to sketch me after Tim Burton's Batman success!" He added, the smile His mischievous character is so characteristic of his lips.

Spiderman 2 © Columbia Pictators

Stan Lee saw Sam Raimi's adaptation of Spider-Man successfully.

© Columbia Pictators

From the decade of 2000, nearly 80 years, Stan Lee finally enjoyed the global explosion of films inspired by his "super heroes", and very proud, delighted to see the publisher again the trend to move to multimedia studio. Marvell Studios was founded in 2006, iron Man Inaugurated on the big screen the famous "Marvel Cosmic Universe" which will put the world box upside down box. Since then, Lee will make a systematic appearance in all the films produced by the group, but also the X-Men franchises, the Fantastic Four (Fox Studio) and Spider-Man (Sony). He still traveled, this year, in productions The Ninja Assassin: The Infinite War and Annette Mann and the wasp.

Loved all Hollywood, famous as Walt Disney was during his life, Lee certainly knew how to surf his era and doubled the interactions with his fans on Twitter, through his @theerealstanlee account. He looked eternal and invincible, and always cleaned out his favorite crypt ("Excelsior!") But of course, even Stan Lee was not a super hero. The news of his death is already causing a deep shock in the world of popular culture, which we did not finish seeing editors in the coming weeks. Commentators and historians will be responsible, for posterity, to pinpoint Stan Lee's contribution to Marvel's fantastic college. But today, all the readers have sketched, cried, laughed, excited by turning Spider-Man's adventures pages, they have only the few words to add: Thank you Mr. Li.

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