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The creation of regional zones will activate investment dynamics


The creation of regional zones will activate investment dynamics

The creation of regional zones will activate investment dynamics

The creation of regional economic development zones will trigger a real dynamic of territorial investments, creating additional job opportunities, said Thursday, 15 November 2018 in Casablanca, participants in the meeting on the theme "Contribution to the discussion on a new model of development in Morocco."

Speakers at this meeting, organized by the Center for Legal, Economic and Social "Links", particularly stressed the need for structural change of the national economy to improve competitiveness and foster more creative growth and job opportunities.

They attributed the difficulty faced by sector programs adopted by Morocco for a number of years, which delayed the achievement of the expected results, the division that interferes with the optimal utilization of assets in Israel.

According to former president of the French Chamber of Commerce of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Morocco (CFCIM), Jean-Luc Martinez, creating regional economic development zones with selective benefits for SMEs is through the expected training effects, encouraging investment and employment, especially in rural areas, on To create a middle class.

In this sense, Mr. Martinet said that to accommodate their rural exit and give the population access to basic public facilities, which can be ethically argued, it is necessary to develop the interim cities to accommodate them by avoiding the explosion of ungageable megacities and create regional industrial zones of wealth development, They can benefit.

On the basis of the fact that it is difficult to introduce reforms, improve competitiveness and create jobs simultaneously across the country, it is necessary to create protected areas and restore the conditions of the region. Repeated industrial density, he explained, noting that the creation of special free zones of special interest would therefore encourage productive investment and fight informal people.

After they spread throughout the country and no longer concentrated on the level of major urban centers, these areas could help reduce territorial inequality and improve the distribution of wealth, he said.

The discussions at this meeting focused on a series of questions that stakeholders tried to answer, including "What is the new idea of ​​economic development to cover?" "What is its relevance and ability to inspire? Investment and competitiveness of factors?" And "How can we make it a strategic instrument in the design of a new development model?"

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