Monday , October 3 2022

The plight of the albino in Africa


"My mother left me to pray. A woman came and told me that she was going to take me to see my mother, she tied me up and covered me. A woman from the neighborhood saw this and she followed us. The woman took me to the victims' site. Then the neighbor came quickly. She caught me and saved me."This is the story of Nimulondo in Balawa, 32, a resident of Buwenge-Jinja province, whom we met in Uganda in 2015.

His chilling testimony speaks of the pain and the threats facing the Albacans in Uganda. In this country, many are killed or disbanded. And parts of their bodies even offer sorcerers who make grits … so-called miracle.

A dramatic situation that does not exist only in Uganda. In May Ramata Diarra, a five-year-old Lebanese girl, was abducted and wrapped around Fana's head, Mali. The defenders of the albinos then condemn "Cult crime" A few weeks before the presidential elections in Malian.

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This is also what progressed on our set Salif Keita, himself an albino, he fought to defend their goal. This November 17, he released an album "More White" which pays homage to Ramata Diarra.

Salif Keita also participated on 15 November in the first international forum for the adoption of a regional albino program in Mali. To change behaviors.

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