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The Qu’est-ce app va ce va va The Legend Skyward Sword HD? Zelda Legend: Skyward Sword HD

As you know, the legend of Zelda: Skyward HD Sword has been announced this summer on our switches. So little information is shared other than its launch date, the controller dominates and that he will be accompanied by Joy-Kun in his character. At the same time, we can already chart the lines of improvement planned in this transmitter by analyzing the games that were eligible for the same treatment. And especially more The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD, whose experiences and connections are very close to those of the Skyward Sword.

Graphics and audio

The first most obvious point, the graphics. As was the case with the two titles mentioned above, Zelda’s Legend: Skyward Sword HD is entitled to a high-resolution segment and like them it will go from 480p to 1080p (in docking and certainly 720p in nomadic mode) as well as an improved frame from 30fps to 60fps. Anyway, this is what the comparison video made by ElAnalistaDeBits offers.

But what can be seen in the sequence is also the redesign of the graphics. Nintendo has never been content with just increasing the resolution, and it is also working on the effects of lights and shadows as well as other filters. However, to make up for the lack of perspective on the Wii, the developers cleverly put together an effect based on Paul Cezanne’s Impressionist paintings. It will be interesting to see if this will still exist, despite the technical improvements, as Nintendo likes to maintain what makes its productions authentic.

The audio part has definitely been improved as well as it is now going through an HDMI cable. It is easy to imagine that this will lead to the transition from Dolby Pro Logic II (which simulates two channels in five) to a real sound for particularly successful 3D effects, as was the case with Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD on the Wii. Or Breath of the Wild on Switch.

Zelda Legend: Skyward Sword HD

Game changes

If we have to recognize one thing in the remakes of the Zelda Legend franchise, it has always been that we have been able to identify well the limiting elements of an experience. So we can expect a host of changes that will make the adventure less tedious, whether game-wise or technically. The Wind Waker HD is another great example of this with its extra sail, which offers faster cruising and automatic wind change, as well as a modified mission flow to Tripors that is not digestible at first.

But concretely, how will that translate to HD Sword HD. We already know that her biggest problem will be solved: treatment. The Wiimote, and yet cast the Wii MotionPlus, will transcribe movements in a very dangerous way. The confrontations have become boring and frustrating. How many times has the device not understood the final push against a sentry? How many vertical strokes caused diagonal strokes and the like?

Usually with Joy-kun this should be history. Especially since the commands will also apply to sticks and buttons. There are still some questions about the topspin effects of the bombs or the use of the villain for example, but surely Nintendo has come up with a smart solution.

Zelda Legend: Skyward Sword HDZelda Legend: Skyward Sword HD

In terms of progress, we can expect some retention corrections. Most important is the critical bug in the search for dragons that can prevent further progress of the adventure. Clearly this will no longer be the case.

Even the many back and forth areas, a bit empty must admit it, for quests or simple upgrades can also be simplified or reduced. We may also get more searches, which are very much missing in the original, to soften it up a bit. Liquidity will also be the key word of this new version: the very short but most repetitive cuts in each item collected will be completely deleted; Items can be purchased in groups in stores and not individually as in the past.

It is not impossible to provide new content. As mentioned above, the Wind Waker HD was eligible for new items and above all, Twilight Princess passed a new embarrassment thanks to amiibo, a technology also supported by Skyward Sword HD. It is therefore very likely that bonuses will be offered with the license figurines, not to mention those that will surely be launched on the occasion of the event. We may also suspect that something more substantial is lurking in amiibo Sword Link Skyward. A new challenge like the battle cellars or a new physalis for a new prize.


Would all this make the Skyward Sword a more beloved Zelda for the fan community? Whether to be candid, we do not know. It is difficult to know to what extent the experience was harmed by the said defects. Whoever loved it when he came out will love it more and more. As for the others, it remains to be seen, it will all depend on Nintendo’s involvement in this new version. But rest assured we have given you our sincere thoughts on our first experience of Zelda Legend: Skyward HD Sword as soon as possible.

Zelda Legend: Skyward Sword HD

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