Sunday , October 2 2022

TV set. Squid Game, the effects series, will bring in $ 900 million to Netflix


Squid game is a series of phenomena from South Korea. If you have a boy, you certainly will not escape it …

The series had the best start in the Netflix producer and broadcast, with 132 million viewers (according to the Netflix index) within 23 days of release – Bridgerton’s removal.

Cost of “only” 21.4 million

Audience success, which also proves to be an economic success for the platform, according to documents consulted by Bloomberg. A “squid game” is expected to bring close to 900 million dollars (775 million euros) to the American giant. Pretty good considering the series cost Netflix $ 21.4 million.

Obviously, it’s complicated to calculate exactly the revenue from a series on Netflix, which lives solely on its subscribers … and cultivates opacity.

This is how Netflix believes a series, or movie, was viewed after 2 minutes of viewing by a subscriber. In the case of “Squid Game,” Netflix believes that 89% of viewers watched more than 75 minutes of the show, and 66% watched the entire series (we’re talking season 1).

Children’s games and great violence

Mixing social allegory and extreme violence, the squid includes characters from South Korea’s most marginalized fringe, including an Indian immigrant and a North Korean defector, who participate in traditional children’s games to win 45.6 billion won (33 million euros).

The combination of childish pastimes and their deadly consequences, with a sleek production and glorious script, have indeed captured a very large audience around the world, and the series has topped Netflix in more than 80 countries.

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