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video. The Faculty of Medicine in Leon welcomes its first promotion


way Hamdi Yara 17/10/2021 at 13:55

Fatima Zahara Hefdi Alawi - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy - Laoyon

Fatima Zahara Hefdi Alawi, right, is the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Levyon.

© Copyright: Souilme Bouaamoud / Le360 (Photomontage)

About 100 students, all from the Southern Districts, began the medical course at the new Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Leuven. Report.

“The Faculty of Medicine project in Leon is part of the new development model of the southern districts, launched by His Majesty Muhammad VI in 2015. It is a large-scale project, covering an area of ​​10 dunams, which required an investment of 250 million dirhams,” noted the dean of the faculty, Fatima Zahara Hafdi Alawi, in a statement to Le360, added that the goal is to train medical students who will have a mission to treat the Sahrawi population and increase the number of doctors in Morocco. .

The dean also explained that qualified teachers supervise and teach the students, about a hundred, all from the southern provinces. Their number will double from next year, and this university establishment will also be called to welcome foreign students from other African countries.

“We are proud to open a medical school in our city. This puts an end to the problems encountered so far by students from the southern regions, who in order to study medicine had to travel to Marrakesh or Casablanca, with what it produces as transportation costs, rent, etc.” A. for medicine.

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