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A good year for Dutch camping sites


Dutch camping sites this year attracted far more foreign visitors than last year. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) numbered about 500,000 in the first eight months of the year, an increase of 18.2% compared with 2017. Visitors accounted for 2.4 million overnight stays in Dutch stores.

Most of the foreign students came from neighboring countries. German tourists booked 1.9 million nights at campsites in the Netherlands together this year, and then 260,000 Belgium stayed overnight. Most foreigners set up their tent, caravan or apprentice on sites in the Zeeland County. The Galderland district, on the other hand, attracted the most Dutch trainees.

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A hot summer

Camps were very popular this year anyway. In the first part of 2018, Statistics Netherlands has already recorded nearly 1.6 million guests. In July and August, traditionally the busiest and most hot months of the year, another 1.7 million visitors were added. An increase of 10.8% over the same period in 2015. The number of overnight stays that all the guests who were invited to the camps also increased: by 4.8% to 10.5 million.

Dutch hotels also performed better in the summer months of 2018 than the previous year. 5.8 million visitors were a 5.2% increase over last year. The number of person-nights booked together increased by 7.1% to 10.8 million overnight stays. Most of the hotel guests came from Germany, Britain, Belgium and the United States.

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