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An assassin was talking to the police


A 70-year-old criminal, Savi, who arrived at the end of the week for the death of de Marne, made some incriminating statements against the police before his death. The statements are now used by the PPS to prosecute various suspects.

The men are on trial for cocaine trafficking and the murder of Sabi.


Sabi was contacting OM in 2015; This happened after he managed to survive an attack on his life in 2014. He agreed with the attorney general of the attorney general that he would issue so-called safe deposits. The statements can be used only in case he dies or disappears.

A man and a horse

On January 16, 2015, Sabi was first interrogated by two detectives of the National Police Unit. In February 2016, he gives two more detailed statements in which he calls husband and horse. He does so after being informed by the police that in the criminal circle the story revolves that a second attack on his life is being planned, according to AD.

Marcel D.

Sabi tells detectives not only about his role in human trafficking, but also suspects that Marcel D 'of New Guinea stands behind the attack on his life in 2014. He had a conflict with the Med Group about her voice. Was arrested last month for his involvement in the assassination of Sabi. It is not known if Sabi also declared that he incriminates others outside Marcel D's group.

Marcel D. is quite suspect but has not been convicted of involvement in shooting in February 2010 at Het Veerhuis in Nieuwegein. Four people met with Marcel's companion to talk about a dispute in the criminal circle. The four men were wounded. 27 cases were found. The court pronounced D & D because of lack of evidence.


Wout Sabee was shot to death on 24 June 2016 in his villa at Rijksstraatweg in De Meern.

On the failed attack in 2014 on 68-year-old Subavi, two men were convicted: Wilco B & B and Henry J. (J.). They were then eleven years and seven years in prison, respectively.

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