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Apple Watch posts heart problems are 84 percent accurate – tablets and phones – news

Stanford University has explored the possibilities of using Apple Watch to detect arrhythmia. The study found that 84% of the messages were justified warning.

The researchers published the results of their studies on their website. The Apple Watch was followed for a year and the researchers looked at messages the smart clock had given if the software thought the wearer had irregular heart rate. By comparison with a conventional cardiac video, or electrocardiogram, it seems that with 84 percent of the messages by Apple Watch, there was actually irregular heart rate, so the message was justified.

Incidentally, only a third of the people who received the message were actually found atrial fibrillation. This is determined by the following people for a week with a conventional ECG. The researchers note that atrial fibrillation can occur irregularly; As a result, the actual percentage may be higher, since not all cases can be collected in the relevant week.

In addition, the researchers reported that a total of 0.5 percent of carriers received one or more messages about possible problems with heart rate. Of the people who received a report, only over half reported to the doctor for further examination.

Stanford University has already explained the Apple Watch study in November. In addition, he noted that found more than 400,000 people willing to participate in the study, which is carried out completely completely. The purpose of the study was to determine whether Apple Watch could contribute to detecting heart rate problems, including atrial fibrillation. This often remains under the radar, because people do not notice symptoms and arrhythmias do not always occur.

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