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Automotive News from 6 Week


What happened last week in the vehicle? Very Good. We list all the highlights, important news and the latest videos last week.

Review: Nissan Micra (2019)

Without a facelift, but an updated annual model for the Nissan Micra with the new major new brand 1.0 three-cylinder turbo. This 100hp-strong power source replaces the current 70 hp and 90 hp engines. Employee autovisie JC Kraal is checking whether this lack of freedom of choice is improving.

Retromobile 2019: A wealth of beautiful classics

If you have the opportunity to go to Retromobile, do so! In the classic Paris event you will be sitting in the wonderful cars, rare and sometimes expensive. The automatic worker, Ramko Slump, took a turn on the exhibition floor. Look at him.

Ferry and 9500 model cars from Matchbox!

The composition of the fruit is exclusive from the brand Matchbox. In the meantime he's already about 9,500, but he's always looking for his next special purchase. After all, there are more than 90,000!

Retromobile 2019: For millions under hammer in Sothebys RM

In Paris it's raining millions. In dozens of special classics of RM. Sotheby's, young and rare timers Ultra-modern supercars go under a hammer during the Retromobile. Employee Autovisie Remco Slump turned around during the viewing day and chose a number of details.

Is this the most extreme autofolder ever?

While Mercedes-Benz stops issuing autofolders, Audi and BMW supplier other brands combine brochure and price list, Lexus comes with the most extreme folder ever.

It costs re – BMW 7 Series

BMW has released the initial prices of the renewed 7 Series. The price difference between the entry level and the top version is not less than 138,361 euros. At 28 m after almost the starting price of BMW Series.

This billionaire bought six Rolls-Royce at once

Rolls-Royce did good business with billionaire Reuven Singh. Best man bought Six Rolls-Royces at the same time.

20 copies Bugatti Chiron Sport & 110 ans Bugatti & # 39;

As a tribute to the 110-year-old Bugatti and France, Bugatti introduces the Sport Chiron 110 ans Bugatti. Execution is limited Twenty copies.

Bugatti Sports Kiron 110Bugatti Sports Kiron 110

Bugatti Sports Kiron 110

Dacia Série Limitée Tech Road replaces Stepway

In the Netherlands Dacia says goodbye to Stepway name. In place of the Stepway, Dacia comes with Série Limitée Tech Road versionsAvailable on all models. Dacia also introduces new 1.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engines for Duster, Lodgy and Dokker.

Volkswagen Polo GTI with a manual gearbox is cheaper

The 200 VW Polo GTI is now also with the Manual six-speed gearbox readily available. This is good news for the enthusiast, but also bargain for the wallet. The manual version is 1.800 Euro cheaper than the GTI Polo with DSG automatic transmission.

Dive into price list: So expensive Audi can e-tron be

Full electric Audi e-tron starts in the Netherlands at 84.100 euros. Of course, because the price can rise significantly. Diving Price list provides insight.

New Bumper for Audi TT RS

After the usual versions of TT have been overhauled, now it's time to restyling the intermediate's The top model TT RS. Audi's design department is limited to redrawing the front bumper and rear spoiler.

Audi RoadsterAudi Roadster

Volkswagen introduces IQ.DRIVE on the renewal of the FAST

Volkswagen comes with a smart sound name for its new driving assistants. The manufacturer dips the IQ.DRIVE auxiliary systems. At the same time the car manufacturer introduces Travel Assist, which is on Innovation summit Makes his appearance.

Volkswagen PassatVolkswagen Passat

Aston Martin again shows a Lagonda learning model

Aston Martin arrives at the Geneva Motor Show in early March with a new research model. The car will be under Brand Name Are presented and form the basis for the future luxury brand of the English car manufacturer.

To GundaTo Gunda

Chinese car manufacturer receives designer Jaguar Wayne Burgess

The rich Chinese automobile company Geely – the parent company of Volvo, Polstar, Link & Co., Lotus, Proton and the London Electric Company – Wayne Berg sneaked away In Jaguar. Burgess will be supervised by over a hundred Geely designers and will play a crucial role in the design of products from the Geely Group.

60 most popular cars of 2018

Based on the global automated database (GAD) – created by market research company Focus2move – we have set the Sixty most popular cars From 2018 in a row. Toyota Corolla is head and shoulders in the first place, but is followed by a sturdy pickup from Ford.

Hispano Soyza returns with Carmen

Carmen, this is the name of the new Hepano Soyza that debuts March at the Geneva Motor Show (March 7-17). It is a large electric tour with carbon fiber monocles, according to the brand. It's the first teaser.

This Velar Range Rover has 550 hp!

The Department of Special Vehicles of the Vehicle (SVO) of the Jaguar Land Rover no longer has to focus on the Rover SV Coupé range, because it was shot down. However, the following SVO project is already underway: Land Rover Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition. Full mouth. Land Rover provides him with only one year and asks 171.760 euros for this certification.

Mazda introduces a new SUV in Geneva, possibly the new CX-3

Mazda introduces new SUV at the Geneva Motor Show – open March 7 to 17. It is possible The second generation CX-3.

Tram and MPV Mercedes-Benz in Geneva

The Mercedes Benz comes with an answer to the Volkswagen production version of the Buzz ID. This Volkswagen reaches 2022. In the same year, Mercedes-Benz also tries MPV electric display. At the Geneva Motor Show (March 7-17, 2019) the brand gives a taste with this research model called the EQV Concept.

New X-Trail Nissan is not from the UK

God A new generation of Nissan X-Trail Not built in Britain, but in Japan. The ongoing uncertainty around the brexit is a Nissan reason to build the new X-Trail elsewhere.

Toyota comes with GR Supra TRD performance line concept

Toyota has announced a new research model based on the new GR Supra. It 's about Toyota GR Supra TRD Performance Line Concept. The prototype was developed on February 9. Toyota introduces the car in Osaka automesse in the Japanese Kansai area.

Toyota comes with GR Supra TRD performance line conceptToyota comes with GR Supra TRD performance line concept

Limited enjoyment: BMW M850i ​​xDrive Coupé First edition

For those who do not think the BMW M850i ​​XDrive Coupe is talkative enough, there is now an even more exclusive version. Production of M850i ​​XDrive Coupe First Edition It is limited to 400 copies worldwide, making it the White Crow of Series 8. BMW Individual is responsible for the exclusive finishing of the facial body.

A new name for the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team

Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team will change from 2019 Formula 1 season: Alfa Romeo Racing. However, the name Sauber disappeared from the net. Sauber made his debut in Formula One in 1993.

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