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BOD 2018: Choosing farmers with toothache


MensTypes Coach Monica Wardenaar knows better than anyone else how to find the ideal partner. She analyzes every week The farmer is looking for a woman For us. Like 3,690,000 viewers, she watched the tougher and less difficult moments between the farmers and their potential partners on Sunday night.

Marnex and Yap made their choice as farmers with a toothache. Jaap chose Marian for nerves. What a discharge, he almost had to cry for it. A bit uncomfortable after a hug, but they have a clear click. How different it is in Mernex. He chose Anka and she loved it. Moreover, no hug, not even physical contact. Without a warm look, without a twinkle of love. Nothing at all, but nothing is also something as he once remarked when he talked about Janneke.

Without chemical chemistry and water

It becomes uncomfortable to see how people want, but I do not have chemistry. Maarten can look at his dreaming wife for hours and feel quite in love. But does Michelle feel the same way? Jupiter Moon Type Maarten and Mars Jupiter Jupiter are not an ideal match.

She fell before his eyes and he was also sweet. Everything feels familiar and fine. He just does not have to deal with her too much. Certainly not touch her leg if she does not feel well. And do not complain about a bath or going to the sauna, if she feels sick. She goes on to say what he should do and should not do. Maarten is constantly trying to sue, because now he's really in love. Everything looked different because of the pink glasses. He must have forgotten that he said, "She expects someone to do everything she says, but then she's wrong."

"it will be OK"

Even with Wim it's not that smooth. According to the typology of MensTypes, Marit is potential members, but if they are also potential lovers? I have doubts. Merritt seemed to get more feelings than borrowers. "When I'm with him, I'm completely reassuring, he listens and can actually look very sober everywhere, if I worry about something, he thinks:" Oh, well, that'll be all right. " She describes the type of Jupiter he and sea.

According to Mariette's friends, the question remains how long Joy can make her happy. Lately she had worn quite a few friends.

Mernicks has a guide

When Yvonne asked if Bertin felt anything for the Phoenix, she answered: "Yes, of course, that's clear, I think." In Marenx she finds someone who understands her a bit. She likes to be around her and she does not want to go home. Janneke thinks Marnex is a nice person with a guide. She has doubts, because as she explained to Yvonne: "You can read a book, but you have to love it, too." She is very indifferent to him. She might be ready for her. Start with this …

Whoever chose Merryx has peace with it. If he chose for her, she would go for it. It's again. "But he's probably starting to settle down and he's got less here," she clarified. Unfortunately, Janneke, Marnix is ​​a Jupiter Mars type and does not compromise or get a big mouth less. And what does he do? Apparently he lost his way because of all his stressful moments because he chooses Janneke! He has a very special feeling inside and hopes that the spark will skip and not the flame in the pan. But what spark? There is no chemistry between them, no magic pressure, no heat. Irritation and misunderstanding, not exactly the best ingredients for an adapter.

Jaap keeps thinking

It is for Jaap the first time he gets a relationship. Sharing a woman in his life and living with someone is new to him. "In principle you're going for something, for your whole life and I think that's a very tough decision," Jaap said seriously. He could not sleep. He thought, thought, and thought. His big question remains: who fits best with me?

According to Yvonne it is ultimately what you feel. Agree, what you feel is definitely important, but it is a choice that you make with your heart and head. If you just choose the feeling and you pile on someone that is not right for you, then it will not work. Although perhaps too much headwork and considering pros and cons, Jaap made a good choice. He chose Marianne and she was a kind of man who suited him better than Petra. He feels good, and she thinks: "Well, if two people feel the same, really unreal."

Steffie has a dream with Ruel

When Steffie looks back, she only understands where all these songs are, how sweet. Poor guy in love with Rawal and clouds that after three weeks he returns from his vacation in Peru. Nice to see how easy, loving and obvious their relationship. This is how you look at a relationship with someone who suits you. If the type of people is right for you, the base is good: characters are a match. If you also find that a person pulls physically, your personality fits together and interests are close to each other, then you have building blocks for matching made in the sky.

Steffie knew what she wanted, she wanted at least a tall man. Unconsciously she chose a kind of people that fits her well. One of the characteristics of the Saturn type, like Ruel, is that it is high (thin). Her three chosen men were right for her. She was in a fancy position and was most likely to find her dream man. In Roel she finally found her ideal partner.


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