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Campaign Leaders: Cigars insists on making promises

The failure

"If we do not have a climate agreement and pension agreement at the end of the year, then we failed," said Labor Director ChristenUnie on the journey to Rotterdam.

VVD leader Rutte thinks people "understand very well that we are busy with everything at the same time and have to keep an eye on everything." According to the polls, a heavy loss threatens the coalition. Ruta still has to see it.

The VVD leader and prime minister also argues that the end of the Rutte era will be over, as some local politicians who spoke with the NRC will think. "I'm still in the bulk of the energy," he said about a campaign in Leeds.

Buma: Do not take surveys very seriously

Buma is not too concerned about the expected loss to the coalition. "The polls and the time for them should not be taken very seriously, it's about who goes to the polls, I feel a lot will happen in the coming days," he said about campaigning in Westland.

Gronan's leader, Calber, believes the coalition will need its party to make promises. He is already enthusiastic about the CO2 programs promised earlier this week, he also hopes to get the others to go on the Lelystad airport.

The leader of PvdA who also wants to force the coalition to take a different course in different areas because he does not make rational and fair decisions.


The leader of PVV Wilders, today Volendam and Spijkenisse, still did not see the promises delivered. He also does not see that happening fast. "People see mainly that everything gets more expensive, they crave someone to stand for them, and the prime minister does not do it."

He urges everyone to vote "if you are a Rutte fan or not". Wilders: "This is the only time you can really influence, and if you have enough, you can get it from there."

Lose amazingly

According to political correspondent Ron Fresen, a loss for the coalition next Wednesday will be amazing. "It will be the first time that a coffin that does not have to cut much – in fact, can spend money – will still be punished in the parliamentary elections."

According to Parsan, this is mainly due to a decline in security in politics. "If you control, you will have a lot more problems with it, they say good reason: the government is half."

But according to Parzan, it is also because the Cabinet is increasingly driven by false promises or wrong choices "whether it is a dividend tax, the energy bill, the climate, a referendum or enough money for teachers.

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