Tuesday , July 23 2019
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Chance to survive heart disease or stroke has become bigger now


The chances of someone surviving cardiac arrest, heart attack or stroke increased. People also die from the consequences of such cardiovascular diseases at a later age.

This is presented by a study of the Heart Foundation. Due to the increasingly good medical techniques available to physicians, it is best to take action under such conditions. However, more and more cardiovascular patients are arriving in the Netherlands.

"Fifty years ago, one of two Dutch people died of cardiovascular disease, now one out of four," says Flores Italiaer, director of the Heart Foundation.

There are currently about 1.4 million people in the Netherlands with cardiovascular disease. It concerns 725,000 men and 675,000 women. The expectation is that by 2030 almost two million Dutch will have cardiovascular disease.

According to the Heart Foundation, the increase in the number of patients can be partially prevented if people with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease are identified earlier. In addition, people are advised to regularly measure their blood pressure, BMI cholesterol.

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