Thursday , October 28 2021

Didi calls for privacy after the death of former Kim now


Sean's spokesman Didi & Coombs asked the media for privacy after the death of his former Kim Porter. The rapper has three children with Porter, who died on Thursday at the age of 47.

Didi confirmed Porter's death through his spokesman, and asked the media to leave the "families" alone.

Kim and Sean had something in 1994. The rapper adopted her son Quincy (now 27) and together they got another son, Christian (20). The two had light flashes for years, and in 2006 they were given twins, Dila and Jesse. They parted the last time in the following year.

On Thursday morning, authorities in Los Angeles received an emergency call on someone with a heart attack at Kim's house. The previous model is dead there.

Report anonymous sources to the entertainment site TMZ Because Kim would have been around for a while with pneumonia.

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