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Famke Louise is her long way to success


Let's start at the beginning Famke (pronounced Femke) became known at age 17 as a friend of Tim Van Teunenbroek, also known as Snapking. He has been making videos on Snapchat for a while and decided to visit a larger audience in 2016, successfully. He made videos with hard pranks, in which his girlfriend often had a star role.

In May 2016 she started the blog itself. She called the Pama Louise channel because Louise was her second name. Instead of daring to look at the camera a little uncertainly, it became a true YouTube phenomenon with 250,000 subscribers. Fans reveled in claws full of beauty, fashion, and pranks.

A year later in 2017, Famke Louise decided to fulfill a long wish. She wanted to make music and wear the mischievous shoes. It ended with directors Bizzey and JayJay Boske. The two saw potential and ensured that Famke was assisted by a whole team with her musical dream.

The first poem that Fama Louise was released immediately caused a major breakthrough. An Op Me Moni clip was seen more than 5 million times on YouTube in two weeks, and the impact was the talk of the city. Everyone really talked about Pamque Louise and wherever you came you heard all these guys do want to join. Holland sang texts that we did not even understand, such as "My Sonny is Treacherous".

Director Bazie himself makes music for years under his own name and in the past with the creation of a yellow clip, but with your first song coming so high in charts, it never happened to him.

The success of Op Me Counters can be explained by the huge number of fans that Famke Louise has been to. 250,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel were fans of her vlogs and now also of her music.

However, it was not just a sweet smell and moonshine for Famke. There was a lot of criticism about her new musical career. Bazzi tells a new documentary about the life of Famke Louise in Videolande, because the YouTube star was overwhelmed by negative messages. "She released so much emotion, people got angry, they did not understand, and everyone expected it to be very bad." According to the manager, people would jump on the music while they were sending hate messages. "But they went very well."

Almost everyone had an opinion about Pamba Louise. "There was a gap between fans and haters," says Bazzi. "It was almost a black question, there was a lot of emotion, and there was a very clear opinion: I love it or I like the glass." According to the director of the singer, it is unique that everyone had an opinion.

The fact that Pamek was not a day's fly on the Dutch charts, she proved when she released her second spinster. In three days, the number has reached two million views on YouTube.

For YouTube star it was the beginning of a long musical career full of collaborations with other Dutch Hip Hop artists. However, the hatred of Famke Louise has not received less. In the new documentary film in Videoland you can see how much beer, phone calls, and abuse the rapper gets from her.

For all her haters Famke still had a clear message in the HIGH song.

Number 1 in charts, what bad music

Let me live, please, let it be

If you do not want to see me, then do not follow me

Instead of fighting hard, Pameck showed her her soft side. Because despite all the hatred she gets on her plate every day, the quench remains positive.

You can see the new documentary film about Louise Famke in Videoland.

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