Wednesday , September 28 2022

FIA performs major accident research at Flörsch in Formula 3 now


FIA is going to do extensive research on the heavy crash of the German race talent Sophia Flörsch, Chinese Macao Sun. The 17-year-old driver from Munich suffered a spinal crisis in a high-speed accident.

"After this serious incident, the FIA ​​will analyze everything and talk to those involved to see exactly what happened, and then draw conclusions," said Anne Todd, president of the FIA.

Flörsch flew on the narrow street circuit on Sunday at a speed of about 276 kilometers per hour off the runway, her car leaped over a fence and stopped behind the crash barriers on a building.

Japanese driver Shou Tzuboi, two photographers and Dale were also injured in the accident. They too had to go to the hospital, but they were also accessible.

Flörsch is activated on Monday

Plorsch, 18, on December 1, will be released to Formula 3 this year, and the young German began last summer in Zandvoort for the first time on behalf of the Dutch team Van Amersfoort Racing in this class. As the first woman she came on the stand twice in Formula 4.

It is activated on Monday in Macau for its injury. Her father told German news agency DPA that his daughter had no symptoms of paralysis and could move all her organs.

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