Saturday , October 1 2022

Fishing conquers the first World Cup Obihiro in 3000 meters now


Osemi Visser won the first gold medal in the Netherlands at the Obehirou World Cup on Sunday. The 22-year-old skater of TalentNED won 3,000 meters in the record: 4.04.60.

Russia and Natalia Veronina finished second in 4.05.02 and Czech Republic Martina Sáblíková took bronze with 4.05.23.

Visser is an Olympic champion about 5,000 meters from the European champion about 3,000 meters. She made her official debut at the highest level in the World Cup circuit in Obihiro.

Last season, she was only active in Group B in November. After that Visser has experienced a surprising international breakthrough, but in the World Cup she does not appear on the ice.

"It's a good start," Visser agreed NOS. "I did not like my race very well, especially since I did not go through three times at first. It was a little messy and messy, even in terms of my lap times that changed a lot, I did not really see that victory."

"I do not see myself as best I can, I still have to prove myself, because I was quite tense in advance, you might be an Olympic champion, but that was really my first trophy in the World Cup in the group.

Ends at the end of the sixth

Ireen Wüst had to make do with the sixth time of 4.06.13. Dutch champion Antoinette de Gong traveled for the seventh time (4.06.57). Melissa Bitch (tenth in 4.07.15) and Reina Anema (13 in 4.10.28) do not approach the stall.

Olympic champion Carlayn Achtereekte is still missing in the field. She could not intervene in the battle for the first world cups of the season at Thialf two weeks ago by abdominal complaints.

The skater of the Jumbo team hopes in late December at NK distances in Heerenveen again topfit at first appear.

There are no Dutch medals at 1,000 meters

Hansa Herzog of Austria wrote the 1,000 meters in her name. She did this in a work file: 1.14.56. Japanese Miho Takagi finished his second public at 1.14.82. His compatriot, Nao Kodayra, won bronze with 1.14.84.

For Herzog (23) it was her third World Cup and her total second at 1000 meters. Earlier this year it was the fastest kilometer in Erfurt for the first time in the World Cup circuit.

Irene Wüst was the best Dutchman Obihiro in fifth place (1.15,34). LaTie de Jong (ninth in 1.16,22) and Utah Leerdam (tenth in 1.16,29) also ended in the top ten.

Antoinette de Jong finished 11th (1.16,38) and Joy Vion won 18th place with a time of 1.18.10. Olympic champion Jorien ter Morse is missing in the field this season because of knee injury.

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