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Four former Telltale leaders set up new gaming studios – Games – News


Four leaders now bankrupt Telltale Games have set up a new game studio. AdHoc Studio is going to make games like Telltale games that can be described as an interactive story, but more experimental than the former Telltale did.

Four leaders left for about two years before Telltale went bankrupt, says Variety in an interview. They are Michael Chung, Managing Director, Nick Hermann, CEO Dennis Lennart and CEO Pierre Short, who wanted to take more risks with normal games at Telltale.Three three of them turned to Ubisoft, where they hoped to set up a studio After that did not pass, the three together with the fourth, Choung, formed the new company AdHoc Studio.

AdHoc Studio wants to make games similar to Bandersnatch, an interactive black-screen movie released on Netflix in December. "With streaming platforms in every home and smartphones in every pocket, everyone can take part in a movie or interactive series, and we feel that now is the perfect time to set up a studio that focuses on it."

The team has nothing real to reveal at the moment, but the interview states that it always likes to work with real players, so perhaps the first game of AdHoc Studio in this respect is the same as Bandersnatch. Also release date for the group's first project is not yet available.

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