Friday , May 7 2021

Hiddema: The location of the Otane Senate is unclear

"First I want to know what people have to say and who will surround it in the Senate," said Hiddema at WNL on Sunday. It should show whether Otten could be the party leader in the Senate. "If he still feels it, we will."

Last week, a power struggle erupted openly in the party of the Democratic Party. Otten had to leave as treasurer because he had transferred more than 30,000 euros. This week, board members Thierry Baudet and Rob Rooken asked the third board member Otan to give up his board status. Otten initially refused to go. After a loud press release in which he was accused of taking a "hold in the greenhouse," he chose an egg wholesaler for his money and resigned from the board. Otten accused Baudet of "character assassination."

Hiddema understands this a bit, because the term "hold in the greenhouse" is too strong. "Said Otten," I'm sorry. "I told him," It's not enough. "I want to make sure that the term" hold "is softened. In return, Otten gives up his job as an employee in the lower house, thinking of his membership in the upper house. "So he can relax."

The dispute in the forum now takes the toll in an electoral way. In the weekly survey of Maurice de Hond, the party gave up two seats.

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